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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I groan in pain and flushed my eyes open.

Gush it feels like hell in my head right now.. What time is it?

Managed to get outta bed and sluggishly walked towards the bathroom.

Didnt realize I'd taken too much alcohol..

I let out a sigh and pulled down my pant for I was shirtless, my guess Dylan had taken off my shirt.

I mixed a bath with rose water and relaxed into it.

Yeah feels good. I thought Tiara and Tyler, they seem to be having the time of their lives.

And then Ariel. Yeah I met just once in LA and I realized I'd fallen for her.

But unfortunately she can't be mine. Her heart belongs to Tyler now.

I really want them to be happy but I get heart broken up whenever I thought about how I was left behind.

I wasn't thought about. My own mother abandoned me. For what?

My eyes were half closed as I heard movements in my room.

I knew who that was because he was the only one allowed to enter my room without knocking.

Getting outta the jacuzzi and pulled a bathrobe over my body and walked outta the bathroom.

"Good morning dad. Feeling better?" He asked and I hummed.

"Not really. What's that in your hand ?" I asked immediately I caught sight of the bowl.

"Oh I brought a hangover soup for you, its gonna help with the pain." He explained.

I Nodded and took the bowl from him.

"Thanks man." I mumbled and dig in.

"Anytime dad. Can I ask you something?" He asked and I raised my head to look at him.


"Whay would you do if you find out mom didnt entirely abandoned you? Will you accept her if she comes looking for you?" He asked and I frown.

"Why didn't look,for me 27 years ago when I needed her the most ? It was obvious she doesn't want me so why bother." I said the obvious and continued to dig in my soup.

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