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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




We laid down tiredly all drenched in sweat after a heated loving making.

My head stayed on his chest and his hands were fondling my hair. 

I draw invisible line on his chest with my eyes closed.

Thinking about a few moment ago made my cheeks flushed.

 It was one of the best thing have ever done knowing that I gave my innocence to someone I loved.

"I love you baby girl." Tyler mumbled and pecked my hair..

"I love you more short tips." I chuckled but got interrupted by a knock.

I looked at Tyler and smiled making me blush.

"Tyl!! Are you in there? Please don't shut me out for once in your life try to understand that I care about you so much!" That was Tia!!!! Uh oh.

She's gonna tease for the rest of my life if she finds me in here.

While I was contemplating on what I was gonna do, Tyler won't stop laughing.

I quickly wore my clothes and walked past Tyl's naked body and blushed before leaving the same way I came in.

I got Into my room and sluggishly walk towards my bathroom.

Right now I really wish we could shower together and... I blushed at how naughty I was becoming.

Taking off my clothes I mixed a warm bath and buried myself in the rose water.

Its funny how we fell in without realizing that.. Now I'm not gonna give up.

Am gonna tell dad how much we love each other.

He has to deal with it..

I felt camera shutter sound and I turned to the direction but found nothing.

I shrugged and relax even more enjoying the warmth of the water against my skin.

"Ariel?? darling its dad please open up and talk to me okay?

I'm not mad at you , I just don't want you making wrong decisions. I love you so baby , you're my everything am sorry okay?" Dad said by the door and I felt sad.

Dad was the only friend and family I'd. He loved me more than ever and doesn't care if he's remarried I was his little princess and nobody could replace the love He has me, not even Maurine and co.

I slide outta the tub and wore my bathrobe before walking outta the bathroom.

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