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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I while playing with the fabric blocking my way to her clit, I could feel my beast mode activing.

My joystick was so hard at the sight of her.

I grabbed hold of the ends and surprisingly ripped it off. She let out a moan which only got me Harder.

Looking down on her well shaved and beautiful looking P**sy.

My hungry eyes lurk around her body for all I wanted at the moment was feel that soft body against mine.

I brought my lips closer to her ear and bit her earlobe teasingly before sliding in a finger in to her tight honey pot.

"You're wet kitty." I whispered into her ear. She shivered at the sound of my voice and rather kept moaning while my finger did the worK.

Thank goodness all the rooms in the McQueen's mansion was sound proof.

I decided to change to two fingers it took awhile before she could adjusted to my fingers as I moved them steadily in and outta her honey pot.

Soon my fingers were covered in her sweet p**y juice.

I took it to my lips and licked it all up while she blush heavily.

I took her lips in mine again kissing her roughly and tenderly.

She roughly held onto my shirt and aggressively took em off causing the buttons to fall off making sensational rhyme as it hits the floor making me burn up.

Fidgeting with the belt I placed my hand on hers and slowly helped her with it while I locked eyes with her.

Unable to break my gaze away I took off my shorts revealing my 12inch joystick.

She gasps in surprise and hide her blushing face.

I bend over and took her hands away from her face and gave her sweet kisses on the collarbone making sure to leave hickeys on her.

Today I'm Gonna mark her as mine. I dare care what comes next but right here and right now I was willing to claim her as mine.

She held onto me tightly as I slowly buried my joystick in her making her cry out in pain.

I stopped moving till she began to feel comfortable before thrusting into her slowly as she moan sweetly.

Today marks the beginning of our never ending love and the day I took her innocence.

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