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Season 5

Episode 16

(Rich people Really Know How To Play)

However, Lu Man was very uncomfortable, so Han Zhuoli let go of her, and Lu Man immediately buried her face in his embrace.

Han Zhuoli smiled dotingly, and pressed his lips against her ears, and whispered, “Don’t you need to wake up now?”

Lu Man’s was still murmuring, her voice nasal from having just woken up. “What time is it now?”

Han Zhuoli raised her wrist for her to take a look at her watch. “11:10.”

When Lu Man realized that she had slept all the way to almost noon, she hurriedly got up.

She rushed to the bathroom to clean up, and since Xia Qingwei was at home, Han Zhuoli did not dare to follow after her.

Meanwhile, Xia Qingwei cooked the special dumplings from yesterday, and the three of them ate it together.

“Later on, Come with me to the mall. We will be meeting the elders tomorrow, so I need to buy some presents to greet them.”

“Alright,” Han Zhuoli nodded and agreed.

After having their brunch, the two of them went to the mall, and in the end, their hands were full of bags.

Although the gifts were not too luxurious or expensive, they were of good quality and chosen with care.

When the two of them returned home, Han Zhuoli told Xia Qingwei that he had bought some fireworks, and it would be wonderful to set them off at night.

However, Xia Qingwei didn’t think much into it. After all, isn’t it just setting off fireworks? It was too normal.

But at night, when they all reached the yard downstairs and Han Zhuoli opened his car trunk to take the fireworks out, Xia Qingwei was dumbstruck; the car trunk was full of fireworks. There was no space left at all in the trunk for anything.

Xia Qingwei: “…”

This was called buying some fireworks?

He probably had some misunderstanding of the word some.

On the other hand, Han Zhuoli was grinning like a big child, he put the fireworks down one by one, and told Lu Man and Xia Qingwei, “It’s been a long time since I’ve set off fireworks, the last time was still during University when I came home to celebrate the New Year. That time, I set off fireworks with Lao Chu and others, and after we finished setting them off, Qi Chengzhi even called us childish.”

Xia Qingwei was at a loss for words. “There are so many, how are we going to finish setting all of them off?”

But right after that, Xia Qingwei felt that she was too innocent.

She saw Han Zhuoli place the fireworks in one row and take out the lighter. Then he quickly lit a row of fireworks and ran swiftly to Lu Man’s side.

Soon they heard the popping sounds of fireworks, and a row of fireworks rushed up to the sky and burst in the dark night sky. Each firework bursting at a different height, lightning up the dark sky with colors.

Xia Qingwei: “…”

She was really too innocent, rich people really knew how to play.

The long queue of fireworks bursting in the sky attracted the attention of other people setting off firecrackers at the side. The grand display of fireworks left them awestruck, letting out a surprised cry as they watched.

The energetic children were especially astounded and kept screaming in happiness.

It was also Xia Qingwei’s first time seeing someone set off a grand display of fireworks.

After all, all the fireworks were finished and Han went up with Xia Qingwei and Lu Man.

In the stairway, Han Zhuoli suddenly said, “Mom, can I stay here tonight?”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

Haha, he was really not shy at all now, today was no special occasion, so now what reason did he have to stay back here?

However, she then heard Han Zhuoli say, “Don’t we need to go back to the old family house tomorrow? Anyway, I still need to come back to fetch Man Man, why don’t I stay here overnight and then we can leave tomorrow together.”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

How about she just directly added a bed here for him?

“Anyway, Man Man has already bought pajamas for me, it’s also convenient to sleep here.” Han Zhuoli surprised Xia Qingwei once again.

Lu Man: “…”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

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