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Season 4

Episode 92

(I Don’t Believe It!)

Sun Yiwu passed the data to Xu Fenglai, “Read it out for everyone to hear.”

Sun Yiwu was over the moon at this moment, seeing the results, his heart felt full!

Xu Fenglai faced President Cao and the rest with his face full of pride. “From today’s 12 am midnight’s first show to now, ticket sales have already reached 80,000,000, and that’s only the morning’s ticket sales, not including today’s afternoon and evening sales. As for the shows at night, the box office collection will definitely explode, based on my colleagues in the distribution department, today’s box office collection may exceed 200 million.”

President Cao and the rest were dumbstruck, the collection on the first day exceeding 200 million, what kind estimation was that? There were very few movies that could do that, and normally the movies with such results were only Hollywood’s blockbuster films.

Seeing President Cao’s face turn ugly, Sun Yiwu laughed. “President Cao, you don’t need to wait for today’s final ticket sales report to come out, until now, ticket sales have already exceeded 80,000,000. Lu Man has already won, it’s time to let Bai Shuangshuang go to Weibo and publicly apologize.”

Thunderstruck, President Cao’s expression was full of disbelief; he did not dare to believe, he refused to believe, and stared at Lu Man’s face, could it be that Lu Man had already planned it from the start?

Was she that good?

No! President Cao just could not accept it.

Sun Yiwu still felt that he did not provoke him enough, and said again, “Earlier, when I gave Lu Man a call, Lu Man had told me that a lot of netizens would choose to watch the movie because they would be curious as to why Bai Shuangshuang’s parts were all cut out.”

Sun Yiwu knew that this outstanding outcome might not be because the movie was filmed very good, after all, different people like different genres, and not everyone would like action films.

But everyone had curiosity, and that was why the movie’s ticket sales on the first day exploded. However, ticket sales for the next few days could not be confirmed to be the same.

Nevertheless, as long as the box office results were good, and the sales were good enough, it was a success.

Like a crazy demon, President Cao snatched the report from Xu Fenglai. “Don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!”

However, in the report, ticket sales were written in black and white.

“President Cao, is it that you don’t wish for ticket sales to be good?” Lu Man mocked coldly. “If ticket sales were bad, you wanted me to take responsibility, but now that the outcome is the opposite of what you wanted, you don’t dare to believe it. Is it that all this time you were really hoping for ticket sales to be bad?”

When everyone heard that, they turned their gaze onto President Cao, wasn’t it the look of someone who hoped the movie would do badly?

“President Cao, isn’t this too much!” President Zhou said unhappily.

If the movie’s ticket sales were not good, the ones who would suffer losses would be them, right?

President Cao took in a deep breath. “It’s not that I wish for the movie’s ticket sales to be bad, it’s just that I feel that it’s not normal for it to be so explosive.”

“What? You still feel that I would fake the data?” Sun Yiwu scowled at him. “Is it that you feel that my movie is not that good that I might as well need to create fake data for the box office?”

President Cao sucked his teeth, and that clearly showed what he thought.

Furious, Sun Yiwu lashed out. “If you don’t believe it, you can have your people go and calculate the data!”

“That’s what I’m planning to do,” President Cao said and was about to leave.

“Wait.” Of course, Lu Man would not let him off so easily. “As for the bet we made earlier, President Cao, don’t dare to forget it.”

President Cao’s embarrassment turned into anger. “What are you in a rush for, let me confirm the actual result for the box office collection before we talk about it!”

“President Cao, are you planning on going back on your words?” Lu Man questioned coldly.

At that precise moment, President He opened his mouth. “President Cao, we are all witnesses here.”

“It’s alright if President Cao wants to go back on your word, I hope that you won’t regret it again after you go back on your word,” Lu Man threatened him coldly.

President Cao looked at Lu Man coldly, hmph! Deliberately trying to make things mysterious!

No matter what, President Cao did not believe it.

President He’s gaze turned towards the other three people. “Then are you all still going to hold Lu Man responsible?”

President Zhou and the other two could not really get out of this mess, and could only say with a stiff face. “This incident, we’ll let it go.”

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