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Season 4

Episode 78

(Staying In The Same Room)

“Then why are still chasing me away?” Han Zhuoli hugged her tightly. “I miss you a lot.”

Especially when Wang Qianyun bothered him, he missed her extremely!

At that time, he especially wished for Lu Man to be by his side and chase away all the women who were like flies and harassing him.

“I really hope that the next time when I go on an overseas business trip, you can accompany me.” Han Zhuoli tightened his hold on her, and did his best to close any gaps between them, and in the end, they were closely stuck together.

Lu Man could not help but laugh. “Really? There’s no problem with you bringing me on your overseas business trips?”

“En, if you agree, then I can take you along.” But Han Zhuoli felt that Lu Man probably had no time.

Having such a capable girlfriend was also something to be troubled over.

Lu Man was already as busy as him, and it was alright that she was returning to school, but in the future, when she would officially start to film, then her schedule would be even more hectic than his, where in the world would she have the time to go on business trips with him?

Lu Man felt that, if she had a chance to go on a business trip with him, it would be quite good. “If you feel that it’s suitable, it’s alright to bring me along.”

“Alright,” Han Zhuoli rested his head on her shoulder, and his forehead just rested on the middle of her neck.

The curve of her neck was as if born to be so suited for him.

It was too warm in the car, and with Lu Man in his embrace, his whole body also relaxed, as if his heart had a home now, and so his tiredness from running around also caught up to him.

As he smelled Lu Man’s natural body fragrance, Han Zhuoli’s heart became more and more calm.

Not long after, his eyelids also became quite heavy, and unknowingly, they slowly closed, and even his breathing became slower, and in the end, he fell asleep on Lu Man’s shoulder.

Lu Man did not hear Han Zhuoli speak again for a long time, and felt that his quietness was a bit weird, and when she lowered her head to take a look, she was amused to see that he had fallen asleep and was sleeping soundly.

His long eyelashes hid the dark circles which showed his exhaustion, and Lu Man did not dare to move at all, scared that she would wake him up. Right now, all she wanted was for Han Zhuoli to have a good rest.

Her heart ached as she left light kisses on his eyes, and then supported the back of his head, letting him sleep more comfortably.

She did not know when, but Lu Man herself fell asleep, and in her dreams, she felt like there seemed to be someone kissing her lips and her face, it was very wet and very sloppy.

Lu Man opened her eyes in a daze, and realized that Han Zhuoli had already woken up sometime back.

“When did you wake up?” Lu Man was troubled, she had originally wanted to take care of Han Zhuoli, to let him sleep at ease, but she did not think that she would also fall asleep, and in the end, she would still need Han Zhuoli to take care of her.

Lu Man hit her head in frustration, but Han Zhuoli hurriedly grabbed her fists, “What are you doing?”

Such a smart girl, if she hit herself dumb, what was he to do?

“How long did you sleep?” Lu Man asked.

“I just woke up, and I found that you were also asleep.”

Lu Man saw that he really seemed to have just woken up, and heard Han Zhuoli ask, “Why didn’t you wake me up since I fell asleep?”

Lu Man glared at him. “You told me you weren’t tired, but as soon as you came in, you fell asleep, I just wanted you to sleep for a while, so I didn’t call you. What time is it now?”

Saying that, Lu Man took out her phone from her pocket, and found out that it was actually past three in the morning.

A while later and the sky would be bright already, so she said, “With you driving while you’re tired like this, I don’t feel reassured, accompany me back to sleep. Anyway, today is Saturday, you don’t need to go to the company, right?”

“I don’t.” Han Zhuoli was a bit troubled. “Although our Mom is very liberal, it’s not good for me to sleep in the same room as you in front of her right?”

“…” Lu Man looked at him speechless, was this man still asleep?

What kind of dream was he having!

“I’ll sleep with my Mom, you sleep in my room,” Lu Man said, her face stiff.

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