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Season 4

Episode 68

(Didn’t You Not Want to Come at All?)

Just then, it was Lu Man’s turn. She took the microphone in her hands. Facing so many people, she was definitely very nervous.

After taking a deep breath, she then introduced herself, “Hello everyone, I’m Lu Man.”

Unexpectedly, thanks to Yu XingZhou, there were even some people who instantly recognized Lu Man.

Amidst the applause, there were some shouts. “Lu Man! Lu Man!”

“That’s Lu Man!”

“She’s very beautiful!”

“From her looks, it’s really hard to tell that she’s so cool and strong.”

Lu Man: “…”

When it was Bai Shuangshuang’s turn, other than some weak and perfunctory applause from the celebrities who came to support and there wasn’t any special, exciting applause from the audience.

Bai Shuangshuang’s face darkened.

Hiding amidst the audience, Old Mrs. Han who had intentionally booked four tickets further away from the front rows said softly to Shen Nuo, “Looks like the audience still has some common sense after all. Even they know that Bai Shuangshuang isn’t a good person.”

Old Mr. Han was seated beside Old Madam Han. Wearing his long-sighted glasses, he kept complaining all the time. “Why did you choose a seat so far behind? I can’t even see Lu Man clearly.”

Old Mr. Han regretted not bringing a pair of binoculars along with him.

Yet the thought that others may find him crazy for bringing a pair of binoculars never came to his mind.

Old Madam Han pursed her lips. “Didn’t you not want to come at all? I thought you weren’t coming, so I got them to give me two seats hidden amidst the crowd. Who told you to go against your word and come?”

Initially, Old Madam Han wanted to come along with Shen Nuo to watch Lu Man’s movie premiere. No matter what, this was Lu Man’s first movie, they had to come and support, right?

Old Madam. Han wanted to continue to play that game where she was hiding her identity from Lu Man. After all, even though many people haven’t seen her before, they knew Shen Nuo.

Afraid that Lu Man would find out their real identities, she especially hid amongst the crowd.

In the end, Old Madam Han couldn’t hold back her tongue and asked Old Mr. Han if he wanted to come along too.

However, Old Mr. Han stayed stubborn and insisted that he had absolutely no interest in Lu Man.

Ultimately, in less than two days, after realizing that upon Shen Nuo’s request, Han Xijin was coming along too, Old Mr. Han finally couldn’t hold back anymore and said that since everyone was going, he would also just give in and came over reluctantly.

But who knew that Old Madam Han would book seats so “hidden amongst the crowd”. Since they sat down, Old Mr. Han never stopped nagging and complaining. It was so frustrating that Old Madam Han really wanted to chase him away.

“Why isn’t Zhouli here for something this important!” Old Madam Han was rather unhappy about this.

Lu Man was his girlfriend, how couldn’t he take this so lightly.

“Zhouli is away for work, he probably couldn’t rush back in time,” Han Xijin helped to voice out his son’s reasons. “Besides, aren’t we all here to support?”

Meanwhile, other than Sun Yiwu, the rest of the cast headed to the first row and took their assigned seats. Sun Yiwu stayed on the stage, answering the host’s questions and talked about the process and difficulties of creating this film.

After that, the host invited Zhang Shuidong and Yu Yanshu up on stage to say a few words.

Especially because Yu Yanshu was single, naturally he was asked questions about any relationships he might have.

“From what I know, this movie is a manly film. There aren’t many female characters in the movie and today we have only two actresses here with us, Lu Man and Bai Shuangshuang.” The female host started to lay her traps in her questions. “Between these two, who do you have a better impression of?”

“Haha,” Yu Yanshu laughed a little. He smiled at the host. “You aren’t being very kind, setting traps in your questions. I’ll let you know that Lu Man knows kung fu, she is very skilled. If you don’t have a couple of moves up your sleeve, you wouldn’t dare to offend her.”

As for Bai Shuangshuang, she was automatically ignored by Yu Yanshu.

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