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 Season 4

Episode 64

(You Can Fix It?)

Lu Man furrowed her brows. She just knew that Bai Shuangshuang wouldn’t be so kind.

“Ah!” An apprentice of Shi Xiaoya’s screamed in shock.

The scream shocked the hairstylist so much that her hand shook violently. The hair-curler in her hand almost burned Lu Man’s ear.

“What are you doing! Why are you shouting and scaring people!” The hairstylist reprimanded unhappily.

If she hurt Lu Man’s ear, it would make her seem so unprofessional!

“It’s Miss Lu’s skirt. It’s ruined!” The apprentice brought Lu Man’s leather skirt along as she ran over.

Everyone stopped what they were working on. Lu Man saw that there was a very big and obvious hole on her skirt. From the hole, there was a big tear all the way to the hem of the skirt, but it wasn’t completely split open.

The first name to pop up in Lu Man’s mind was Xiao Li.

No wonder she ran away so quickly just now.

Shi Xiaoya’s face darkened. “Just now when she entered, why didn’t anyone keep an eye on her!”

Everyone lowered their heads. No one had imagined that with so many of them in the room, Xiao Li would actually be so bold.

It was really too busy and chaotic. No one had the time to care about her!

“If I knew this would happen, I would have brought Cris along.” Shi Xiaoya held the skirt, feeling extreme regretful.

Raising her wrist, she took a look at the time. “There’s only 20 minutes left now. Even if we want to buy a new one, we still wouldn’t make it.”

“Pass me the skirt so that I can take a proper look.” Lu Man took the skirt from the young apprentice.

Upset, the apprentice said, “It’s torn really badly. There’s no way it can still be fixed.”

At that moment, the hairstylist came up with an idea. “Why not we ask the hotel if they have any suitable skirts that we could borrow for a while?”

“There’s no need to be anxious. I’ll just sew up the skirt,” Lu Man said calmly; she wasn’t nervous at all.

On the other hand, Shi Xiaoya and the rest were even more worried than Lu Man.

At that moment, seeing how composed Lu Man was, surprised, Shi Xiaoya asked, “You can fix it?”

“Actually, I was learning fashion designing, but I only learned it for a year,” Lu Man smiled as she explained. “But it should be enough to deal with the matter at hand right now.”

“Xiaoya, is my makeup and hair done?” Lu Man asked.

“Yes,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Then could I trouble you to help clean up the table. I’ll sew the skirt.” Then, Lu Man requested the apprentice. “Please help to borrow a pair of scissors, a needle, and thread from the hotel.”

“Sure.” The apprentice immediately called for room service.

Lu Man then spoke to the hairdresser, “I remember that this year there’s a popular trend of using ribbons to tie hair up. Do you have any on you right now?”

“Yes I do, I do.” The hairstylist immediately took out all sorts of ribbons made of various materials and of different colors and lengths.

As a professional hairstylist, she always carried these accessories with her so that she wouldn’t run around asking for them when required.

Lu Man picked two shiny ribbons, boldly choosing a rather antique red color.

Other than making it striking by matching the black of the black leather skirt, it was also because Shi Xiaoya chose to apply pure red lipstick on her, so it would match her makeup too.

Just then, the room service hotel employee brought the scissors, a needle, and thread that Lu Man asked for.

After sewing the two ribbons together, Lu Man cut the skirt through the line, even cutting the waistband.

Everyone watched Lu Man’s bold and decisive moves. A proper leather skirt was cut into a big leather cloth by her. All of them broke into a cold sweat, worried for Lu Man.

Originally, it could still be fixed. But now, if something bad happens, perhaps it can’t even be fixed anymore.

The moment that thought came into their mind, they saw Lu Man flip the skirt over. At the original hemline of the skirt, she cut a couple of holes with the scissors and put a ribbon through the holes.

After that, along the line where the skirt was cut apart, she cut another couple of holes and threaded the ribbons through those holes one by one.

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