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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



Got into the club and walked towards the preserved table meant for me. I sat down and my table was taken care of. I took off my mask and ran my fingers through my unheveled hair.

 three hot looking girls walked into the club. At first i thought i was just my imagination thinking the black haired girl looked awfully familiar.

I kept staring at her and luckily she stared when she felt my burning gaze on her.

Well well if it isn't my lucky night. I smiled when i thought about the night we shared. Damn it was f*cking spiritual i really wanted her more and more.

She stood up giggling and rushed towards the dance fall and started swaying her body to the Rhythm of the song. I got a hard on just staring at her.

Couldn't control myself and stood up immediately and joined her on the floor. I could hear gasp and murmurs of few clubbers including her friends.

"Lets finish what we started shall we?" I whispered into her ear and she covered her mouth with her palm.

"You pervert." She half yelled and i chuckled.

"You turned me into one remember?" I raised an eyebrow and sweeped her off her feet. And carried her in bridal style.

She almost freaked out on me as she closed her eyes and her cheeks red like a tomato.

I tool her outta the club to my limousine and signaled the guards and driver to step away.

Got into the limo and placed her on my torso.

"Don't be such a killer and do your thing." I said huskily as i trailed a finger on her cheeks and planted kisses on her neckline making sure to leave hickeys.

"Let me go you pervert!!"She blushed heavily and i took her lips in mine immediately.

It was an urgent and hungry kiss, she responded to it with same urge and encircled her arms around my neck, she fondle with my hair sending massive wave of desires down my body.

I sent a text to the driver to drive. And he did.

She tug on my shirt and slowly undid my bottons trailing her cold fingers through my biceps. I felt cold chills run down my spine.

I bit her bottom lip roughly and she let out a moan which only got my little beast angry.

"What are you doing to me!!!' I growled holding her hair gently as i slowly zipped down her dress and took her harden nipple into my mouth and suck on em.

She tug on my hair and her hair titled back as she moan out loud.

Her moans only drived me crazy.

She found her way to my zipper and took out my little beast. I closed my eyes and groan in pleasure as she stroked my d*ck.

I trailed my hands on her thighs and to her wet p*ssy hole. She let out a moan while i slight in a finger into her dripping wet honey pot.

"Suck me!!!" I commanded and she got off me and squatted infront of me. I growled when she took the whole of me into the warmth of her mouth.

Damn that feels so good. I held on to her hair and guide her gently against my c*ck.

It was gonna be a wonderful night after all.😊

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