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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



I stepped outta the cab and so did the girls. I wore a black body hug gown which brought out my curves too. Packed my hair in a messy bun and a silver stiletto came in handy.

We talked towards the entrance together and showed the bouncers our password for this was the clubs of the high society. Celebrities and billionaires are most likely to be here. We walked in afterwards to be greeted with a loud blasting of music which only set the vibe.

Giselle was already dancing as well walking towards the bar. I took a seat and scanned the whole place. Noticed two pairs of eyes on me as they gaze at me. Why do i feel like have seen that eyes before. U shrugged and faced the Bartender.

"Tequila shots please." I ordered and the bartender gave us rounds of Tequilas.

"This is so cool guys. Why don't you show us some moves." Madeline insisted and i giggled.

"Really you gotta show us how its done." Giselle added.

"You asked for it guys." I dropped my glass and walked towards the dancefloor.

A song by cardi and megan thee stallion _ wap got on the stereo and i felt my body heat up. I was mad about that song.

I began dancing to the beat while folks began cheering. Dancing was one the few talents that I'd. 

Only my friends know about it. I moved my *ss to the beat and body to the rhythm.

I slowed down when i felt two pairs strong arms around my waist and a harsh breath on my neckline. Wait! That cologne is quite familiar.

"You dance pretty good darling." His voice could make you pee on your pants. 

" thanks for the compliment." I said trying so hard not to stare at his face. His voice was Angelic.

"It wasn't a compliment princess. By the way we have unfinished business darling, you've to pay for giving me sleepless nights." He added and i frown. Stopped dancing and turned to look at him.

"You don't even know m....

I came to halt when i gaze at this beautiful creature before me. He was freakishly handsome . wait am i dreaming? I'm standing with the most popular and richest celebrity.

"You didn't finish your statement darling." He smiled showing off his whitish teeth. He had an enchanting smile.

"I..m..mean ..say ..i haven't met you before." I stammered foolishly. I glanced at my friends but they were busy gawking at his features and masculine figure.

"Oh yes you've. Or don't you remember how you were busy moaning and riding my c"ck?' He smirked and i looked down at my feet for my cheeks were red like tomato.

Its all coming back now. He was the dude that left the note and a cheque.

"I was drunk dude."i defended and hissed inwardly.

"Really ? And you took advantage of an innocent man. Now you're stuck in my head." He smiled and made me look at him.

I dare not look away. Yeah maybe a part of me did enjoyed it . his touch on my face made my body heat up.


"SSH darling, why don't we finished what we started?" He smiled sweetly and crashed his lips on mine.



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