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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. πŸ”ž



I did my victory dance as i walked into the mansion holding a brown paper bag. 

The girls looked at me with a confused expression. "Why is she dancing now?" Giselle asked herself and i only screamed even more.

" the last time i checked she was still locked up in her room sulking over some dude called kelvin." Madeline added and i grinned softly.

"Guess what babes." I grinned from ear to ear looking from one flat mate to the other.

They shrugged and showed me their hands.

"Oh don't be such a kill joy and guess." I rolled my eyes.

"Tell us what's making our girlfriend happy." They asked and i jumped on the sofa happily.

"I just got appointed as the new content creater and the managing Designer and event planner at LORD'S summit Inc." I screamed and they joined me in screaming.

This was like the biggest thing that had happened to me.a great achievement.

Who would have thought that i would get that position even as a new staff.

Well i sent them copies of my work. Maybe leaving kelvin wasn't a bad idea after all. I only got this great offer only after he left. Wow what a relief.

"Omg girl am sorry happy for you we have to celebrate this new revolution ." Giselle said happy and i shook my head unable to contain the happiness i felt.

"I'll get the wine and the snacks. Plus we're going clubbing too." Madeline screames rushing towards the kitchen.

I was super happy i don't care getting drunk all over and over again.

"Guys I'm so in the mood to party, bring it on babes." I chuckled.


I sat down quietly watching her blabb about her self and herself only. Mom had successfully got me on a blind date with some spoilt brat of a field Marshall.

She threatened not to eat if i don't do it and here I'm seated like a dummy in a restaurant which was booked for just the two of us.

Her name is Fiona. Not the kinda lady imagined her to be. Turns out she couldn't do without makeup and she did lots of plastic stuff. Can you believe that? I don't really wanna be with a fake being.

"ERM excuse me please I'll be right back." I flashed her a fake smile and stood up.

"Where you going ? Haven't finished telling you about my vacation at Hawaii." She muttered and i nod.

"_be right back." I said and walked towards the restroom but turns out we have another exit there.

I already signaled my driver to meet me outside and i got into my car the moment i stepped out.

That was a relief, i finally got away from that witch.

"Drive." I commanded and he drove off immediately.

I wanna visit the pub and get high AF. Being a while since i last got so high on trips.

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