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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



Another convert in one week well done.

"Man am hungry." I whined and sulk in the leather seat of the limousine.

"Yeah me too. Let's stop by the restaurant for dinner or prolly head back to the mansion." Bryan suggested.

Tomorrow I have a fan signing which is probably gonna take all day.

"Restaurant." I mumbled sadly missing my cookies and candles.

Yeah I was an adult baby in the making.

The limousine pulled up in front the Jacqueline restaurant . I got out ta the limo quickly forgetting about my mask for I was super hungry and can't afford to stay even one more minute without attending to my precious stomach.

" I heard a loud scream and unfortunately she passed out outta excitement.. Wait what's really wrong with my face ? I'm human like them so what's the need for the drama.

"Great here we go again." Bryan rolled his eyes and I smirked before walking towards the two girls trying to revieve their unconscious friend or sister on the floor.

"Oh my gosh he's coming this way!! Somebody please pinch me."_ the blonde girl screamed and I chuckled.

"Is she gonna be alright?" I asked with concern and I screamed again.

"Ernm....yes she is. This is too good to be true, Ray Lord is talking to me." She giggled with excitement and I smiled softly.

I napped my fingers a guard came rushing with a cheque book. I scrambled something on it and handed it to them.

"Here you can get yourself and your friend down there something from this. " I handed her a cheque of $6m and the other girl screamed and blacked out too.

Can this day get even worst?

"Let's go bro." Bryan spoke and I nodded before walking into the restaurant and another run of screams could be heard.

"This is way harder than I thought." I mumbled as one of the waiter guided us to a VIP table to avoid unnecessary drama.

"Finally some good food." Bryan moan as he took a mouthful of seafood boil.

"Yeah. Bro." I shook my head as I enjoyed my boiled octopus and Green rice.

Taste great though. I heard a camera click and I looked at the direction and a female waiter gawking at me. I chuckled softly and and enjoyed my meal.

My thoughts drove off to my mystery girl from last night. The way she moan into my ears and her fingers worked magic all over my body. 

I was slowly loosing my self to my mystery girl which I'm afraid won't get to meet again.

"Bro" Bryan snapped his fingers and I raised my head up.

"What?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Mom wants you to go on a blind date with Nicole." Bryan smirked and I almost choked on my glass of wine.

"You gat to be kidding me bro." I frown and dropped my glass.

" wait and see bro wait and see." He grinned wickedly.




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