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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



I dropped it back on the bed and managed to get off the bed. I must find that bastard that took advantage of Me in my drunken state.

Jeez my thigh hurts so much. I was always afraid of having sex and here I gave it freely to a stranger.

I'm Iris Montez , an event planner and a bad drinker. Had no family except my friend. Giselle and Madeline they were my flat mates and bffs.

I stumbled outta the room and walked towards the elevator with a angry expression. Was actually late for work and the girls are gonna be all over me.

I heaved a sigh when I thought about kelvin. I remember the previous night when we had an argument and he got angrily and broke up with me. 

He called me selfish and ugly. That dating me was just a mistake from his end. Like seriously? Wasn't really expecting that tho. Kelvin was my everything and I loved him with all my heart. I thought love not about sex but how you feel about one another. 

I groan softly and flag down a cab which took me to my apartment.


"Where have you been girlfriend?" Giselle asked as she made waffles.

"Trust me girls you don't wanna know." I tried to walk past them but Madeline was blocking my part..

"Please tell me you didn't get drunk last night." Madeline she frown and I heaved a sigh.

"Kelvin broke up with last night." I mumbled sadly as tears clouded my eyes.

"I was actually against that relationship from the start , cant you see girl ? He doesn't love you at all." Giselle said with her hand on my shoulder and I shook it off.

"But I loved him , you should be supportive not make things even hard for me." I let the tears fall and I raced upstairs to my room ignoring their calls.

Got into my room and slammed the door and slumped to the floor in tears.

Everything was happening so fast I'm afraid I might loose my mind. I won't be able to look kelvin in the eyes ever.

I couldn't let kelvin touch me yet I Gave my body freely to a stranger.


"Dude eee!!" Bryan half yelled for I was barely paying attention to anything else.

My thoughts were on last night event. I just can't seem to get off how great it was. I felt an unusual feeling in my heart thinking about my mystery girl.

"What?" I pouts innocetly and he groan.

"Where's your mind exactly? Your concert in 15mins and here you're trailing off." Bryan cursed underneath and I chuckled softly.

Was in my dressing room back stage all dressed up ready to face the beautiful people of LA who won't stop screaming.

"My mind is on something I want. " I winked and glared.

"Remind me why I'm your manager again?" He grinned.

" because you're my baby brother and the only one who can put up with my crazy self." I stuck out my tongue at him fixing the strand of hair on my eyes.

My hair had been dyed green which matched the color of my contact lense.

"You my brother is one crazy dude. Hope you ready for this?" He smiled and I nodded fixing the over the head mic.

"Yeah let's do this." I said and we walk towards the backstage where I was gonna make a grand entry.

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