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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



We reached climax same time as i poped my cum all in her womb and she passed out on my body. I took my time to examine her face. Yeah she's indeed beautiful.

She's got magnificent body structure and dimple and pink lips only made her even cute. Her lengthy black. hair covered a part of her face, so far she got the longest hair have ever seen. I tuck a strand behind and made her lay down properly and got outta bed and walked towards the bathroom for a quick shower. I smiled unconsciously.

Thankfully have got few pairs of sleeves in the closet. I wore my clothing and walked towards the bed side and dropped off a cheque and a note before walking outta the room. That should cover for the troubles.


"Wtf have you been Ray?" Mom frowned and I rolled my eyes.

"Don't i have rights anymore mom? Where's Anna by the way?" I changed the subject and pave way to see my adorable kid sister hanging out with her friends.

Anna was mom's baby girl and spoilt brat too. Sometimes I only wish to burn down all her toys and makeups too.

"Hey Anna happy birthday."I smiled and she rolled her eyes.

"You're late Brother Ray." She said sarcastically. I noticed her friends we crazily tryna suppress their screams.

"I know I know am sorry princess." I pouts and she smirked.

"Oh my gush he's so cute in person." I heard one said and I chuckled.

"Wanna take a selfie?" Another asked and I nodded.

The quickly came over and took selfies before going back to the seats.

"Back off girls." Anna growled and I chuckled. She's such a drama queen.

"Turn around baby." I spoke and she turned around happily I brought out a diamond chain with a forever young pendant which I'd bought earlier and hooked it around her neck.

She screamed happily and gave me a big hug.

" thank thank you so so much Bro you the best." She squeak and I sigh.

Here we go again.

"Am I free to go now?" I asked and she nodded. Good.

I excused myself and left the building without anyone noticing since I wore a mask and had changed of clothing.

Got into my limo and asked the driver to drive.


Ouch!! That 😧 hurts. I groan and flushed my eyes opened. What happened?

I looked around the room but found No one. Wait! This isn't my room wtf am I?

The last thing I remembered was Kelvin breaking up with me because I'd refused him sex after which I came to hotel Delacruz bar and got drunk. Oh no!! I forgot how fierce i can be when drunk. Hope I didn't injure anyone.

Gush I feel soar in between my legs. I gasp when I realized what I'd done.

My memories were slowly coming together as I remembered dragging a guy at the elevator. Oh no this is seriously not happening right now. I shook my head in disapproval, I just came my virginity to a stranger. I'm so so so stupid and cheap. 

I looked at the bed side and found a cheque and a note. I took it with shaky hands and write its content.

"Am sorry for the troubles I hope that's enough for a night?" I squeezed it angrily and dumped it somewhere.

How dare he??



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