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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. πŸ”ž



It was a girl she bit my bottom lip hungrily and I tried to push her away but apparently I couldn't match with her strength.

Oops I just got into an entanglement with a drunk chick. She nibble on my bottom lip and bit em teasingly and I loosen up to her.

She pulled away still holding on to my collar aggressively .

"You look familiar baby? Huh? Did you get stuck up with other girls or you still love me? Thought you said its not about sex?" She blabbered about something I couldn't make out.

"Am sorry Miss this is clearly a misunderstanding. Kindly let go of my shirt have got something to do." I said calmly and she pouts like a child.

"You don't love me anymore? Is she that beautiful that you prefer her over me?" She tug on my suit and I heaved a sigh.

This is sure gonna be a long night. 

"Am sorry didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Come with me I'll just help you sobber up." I said and she chuckled showing off her dimples.

I carried her in my arms and walked towards my room door. Dammn she's freakishly heavy.

Got into my room and tried to place her on the bed but unfortunately she was way stronger than me as she pulled me to her aggressively taking my lips in immediately tryna gain access to the dept of My mouth.

I tried to pull away from her but she was bent on having her way. This is getting outta hands. Mom is gonna kill when she finds me this way.

She bit my lips making me moan into the kiss and she gained access, our tongues fought for dominance and I must say she's quite good kisser.

I sneaked my arms around her waist and pulled her closer and I decided to enjoy the night. She was clearly taking advantage of me and I was clearly enjoying it.

She tug on my sleeves and sent the button flying out roughly. She trailed a finger on my abs which sent unwanted vibes over my body.

She took off my suit and sleeves and attacked my lips again fiercely.

Wasn't given a chance to relax a bit for she was all over me.

She turned me over and sat down on my d*ck grinding it against my shaft making my beast angry. She trailed hot kisses all over my neckline down to my collarbone to my abs sexily and I moved my head backwards in pleasure as I felt her Hand down there stroking my beast.

She slowly undid my bottom and brought out my hardened c*ck. She chuckled at the sight of it and kept giving me gentle strokes.

Moan softly and trailed my hands all over her body. She did the unexpected and wripped off her clothes revealing her hardened peak. I wanted so badly to feel em in my mouth. She bend over and I took her tits in sucking like my life depended on it. She moan sweetly and whispered in my ear while fondling with my hair. Swears the feeling Is one of the coolest.

She moved down and took off my pant and sat down on my shaft teasing me more. I growl as she pushed my d*ck into damn she's so f"cking tight. Her moans were mixed with pain and pleasure as she grind her *ss up and down my d*CK.

Our moans filled the room for all we both wanted was make out. 

I roamed my hands around her body and grabbed hold of her tits while she moved up and down my beast.

Dammn she's so naughty for a first timer. I moved my hands down to her thighs and held onto them fiercely.


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