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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



I came home directly and rushed towards the elevator which took me to the fourth floor. I walked towards my room carrying the candies and cookies too. Today I was gonna take break from the industry and watch TV. Gush I feel so lazy at the moment.

I kept the brown paper bag on the couch in my room and walked towards my closet dumping my mask on shelf containing hundreds of masks before taking off my Hood. It was Dior and expensive too. Pulled down my pants and walked towards the bathroom.

A warm bath had already been mixed by the servants. I couldn't be more happier as I slowly got in and relaxed into it.

Man am hungry.

I pressed the intercom besides the jacuzzi tub.

"Yo miss Bee I'll like to my meal in my room now." I spoke calmly.

"Copied that sir." She responded and I let go of the receive button and closed my eyes as I let the warmth of the water beat against my skin.


"Hey man don't tell me you forgot about Anna's birthday? Now am 100% percent sure mom is gonna kill you for missing her baby's birthday." Bryan reminded and I whined softly rolling my eyes. 

"Gush I hate birthday parties." I groan and slowly got outta bed.

"God you look grand ma." Kel shouted walking into my room.

"Who let this man in my room?" I smirked walking towards the closet for a change of clothes.

"Ted the butler let me." He chuckled softly and did a feist bump with Bryan.

"Remind again why we're related?" I rolled my dramatically as I put on a high fashion suit.

"ERM I'm gonna ask mom why we're brothers again." I mocked and glared playfully at him.

Kel and Bryan are my crazy *ss brothers who never seize the moment to get on my nervous.

"Wait! Hold up I thought the birthday was gonna be at the mansion ? Why using the Ancestral hotel?" I asked as I ran a finger through my hair and wore my diamond rings on each finger and my earrings too.

"Maybe mom wants to make us famous." Bryan shrugged and I sigh.

I know for a fact there's gonna be paparazzi and lots more which I somehow gets tired of.

"Why do you have to be so cute huh ? Mr quanpy pants!! This suit looks freakishly hot on you." Kel said and we burst into laughter.

"Let's go guys else mom is gonna throw us down the window of a skyscraper." Bryan reminded and we burst into another round of laughter.

There was no dull moment with them.

***the limousine pulled up in front of the hotel and press we swinging by the place waiting to throw questions and take pictures too.

We all put on our face mask and Bryan stepped outta the limo first and a loud scream followed. 

Kel came out second and another round of screams could be heard from the crazy fans.

I sighed and finally got out ta the limo as the evening warmth swept me off my feet. Gush am so loving the weather right now. I got even more screams and crazy fans struggling to touch me.

We were finally guided into the hotel were Anna's birthday was taken place.

The place was bubbling with extinguish guests from the high class society.

I hated such event when you have to sit around rich spoilt brat all day talking about nothing in particular but them selves.

"ERM guys I'll be right back wanna get something from the room upstairs." I told them and they nodded.

Kel shrugged and walked towards the ladies. I shook my head and walked towards the elevator.

The hotel belonged to my grandparents who in turn passed it on to my parents. 

Hotel Del a Cruz was one the most biggest expensive and fanciest hotel around. We all had private rooms in our hotels and I needed to escape from the so called birthday party.

Stepping outta the elevator someone grabbed me fiercely and slammed me to the nearest wall .

Wtf!! Because I could say duck I felt a pair on soft lips on mine roughly.




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