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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



He slammed me against the door room door as he kissed me hungrily. After the hot make out section in the car we drove off to his private property.

My heart wanted so badly to say no but my body has a mind of its own for it was burning with so much desire.

Never felt this much desire and wetness ever before.

He lifted me up and i encircled my legs around his torso as he led me into his room and dropped me on the bed still kissing me angrily.

I was so wet and all i wanted right now was him. Never thought i was gonna get into an entanglement with a celebrity not to talk of Ray Lord the Richest of them all.

You playing games God 😂 you're playing games.

He took off my dress and showered kisses all over my body. Damn i needed him to fill me right now.

He squatted in between my legs and perfectly ate my kitty cat. I almost screamed out in pleasure for it felt so good. I dug my fingers into his curly hair and urge him to go further.

He teased my clit with his tongue and sucked me harder. I almost cried out in desires.

I would blow up any moment if he keep doing that.

Be stopped when he noticed i would blow any moment.

He moved away and took off his clothes revealing a perfectly curved body.

I gulp down nothing in particular when i realized the size of his beast. I couldn't believe i was able to take all of him.

He got in between my leg and placed them on his shoulders without tearing his gaze away from me he thrust into me i let out loud moan filled with pain and pleasure.

He slowed his pace for while and planted a kiss on my cheeks and quickened his pace.

We both moan in ecstasy... I held onto the sheets as he moved in and outta me.

Never thought i was gonna experience something like this that too with Ray Lord.

"Look at me ." he said huskily and opened my eyes to meet his gaze upon me.

For a moment i couldn't tear my gaze away. He looked like a fallen angel and beautiful too. His lips slightly patted as he kept staring at me.

"Do you like it baby?? " he spoke but i couldn't say a moan for i was lost in my world of moans.

He increased his pace making my loans come out loud.

"How you like that?" He growled and i shook my head unconsciously.

Of course i do like how he made me feel.

He pulled outta me and laid on the bed while he made me sit on him. 

I closed my eyes when him filled my kitty.

Damn i never wanted this to end. He spanked me repeatedly as i grind it up and down on him.

I shuttered as my walls tightened around him and together we reached climax and cum massively in me.

I rolled off him and fell to the other side of the bed. He pulled me closer and planted a kiss on my forehead and closed his eyes.

That was magical.



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