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Season 4

Episode 52

(The old days (2)

Cherry was relieved that Joe did as she wished. She knew that Joe was a very smart child. He was a the age that could now discern right from wrong. Cherry has always hoped that Joe would always be happy and be more carefree, like an ordinary child. She didn't want him to hate others or worry too much with adult issues.

Jackson watched Cherry and Joe's interaction. He was aware that Cherry was trying her best to forget Lucia's outburst for Andrew's sake. If it were not for the old man Lucia would have also received hurtful words from Cherry. She was not one who backed down on fights.

Jackson said to himself, 'She really suffered a lot today!'

After dinner, Joe said that he wanted his mother to assist him with his homework. In fact, Joe didn't really need her help, he just wanted to keep her Mom away from Lucia. He wanted her mom to be with him, to keep her safe. To ease Joe's mind she obligingly granted his request. Cherry held his hand and walked upstairs with him to do his homework.

Jackson sat on the sofa in the parlor and listened to the conversation between Andrew and the Ye Family members.

John realized that this was the perfect moment for him to talk to his uncle.

Jackson was being quiet. He was simply observing the flow of conversation between his Grandfather and the Ye couple. John stood up, walked toward Jackson and sat beside him.

He then said to Jackson in a low voice, "Uncle, can we have a talk in the study?"

Jackson gave John a glance and saw that he was serious. Jackson nodded in.

After entering the study, two men sat down on the sofa. Lily brought them two cups of coffee.

"Thank you, Lily. "John said with a smile.
Lily nodded and smiled back. She then quietly walked out of the study and carefully closed the door to give the two men some privacy.

Jackson and John were left alone in the study. Jackson intending to break the ice looked at John and asked, "How's work?"

"Good. Nothing urgent has happened lately. The most I have to do was to attend never-ending meetings. "said John. He knew that Jackson had a big hand in his winning the Mayor's office last election. During the campaign, Jackson had pulled a lot of his resources and network connection to support him. He was well aware that his Uncle was the reason that he now had the Mayor's seat.

Jackson sipped his tea and remained quiet. He waited for John to speak.

John looked at Jackson, and asked, "Uncle, why did you have Cherry walk out of the JS Group?"

John was still unable to call Cherry "Aunt Cherry", even in front of his uncle, her husband. He felt very embarrassed, yet it couldn't be helped.

Jackson understood the reason why John was having a difficult time calling Cherry "Aunt". He was fully aware of John and Cherry's personal history. They tried to form a relationship together but failed. Jackson wasn't going to force John to call her Aunt. What was the point? Jackson hadn't noticed any sign of intimacy or affection between John and Cherry. He believed that John was just simply being nostalgic about his past love.

"I don't want her to be so tired because of work. Besides, she doesn't need to make a living. We have enough, the Chu Family's can provide for what she needs. By the way," Jackson paused for a second before continuing, "I'm worried about Andrew. Apparently, he is in much worse condition than before."

Jackson didn't tell John that another person named Mond was the real reason. There was no need for him to know these extra details. He believed that it'd be better if he knew less about the circumstances that surrounded Cherry's leaving the JS Group. What's more, both Mond and Andrew's health were the real reasons that Jackson had asked Cherry to quit her job and stay home. It was not far from the reason Jackson said to Edwin when he asked him the same question earlier this day.
John heard Jackson and looked at him questioning, "Is Andrew's health really compromised?

The question didn't imply that John didn't trust Jackson. It just showed that John had really no idea of Andrew's health status. To him, Andrew seemed fine today and he looked well. He acted as if he was in good condition and this misled John. When John heard what Jackson said, he was more worried.

John, like Jackson, also grew up in Andrew's care. Andrew was not just a great-grandfather to him, he was also like his father. He was also very close to the old man.

Jackson didn't think there was a need to lie to John, he trusted him, they have a tacit agreement. Besides, John was totally different from Lucia.

The only defect in John's character was that he always obeyed his mother, Lucia. She uses him as a puppet for her own benefit. John needed to grow as a man. He needed to learn how to say no to his mother and be firm with his words when dealing with her.

"Yes. Now he is taking in some medicine to maintain his health." Jackson said in a worried tone. "What's more, the doctor has increased his dosage from the usual," he added

"Andrew doesn't look so ill. He seemed to be in a rather good-health for his age," said John.

"He just doesn't want us to worry about him." Jackson sighed, "He didn't tell Cherry and me. I didn't believe it, either, if not for the medicines I saw that he has on his bedside table. I have seen how his butler took careful note of his medicine intake. All the details, the time, the amount.

John was surprised by this information that he was hearing from Jackson. He was lost for words. He felt confused, helpless and worried at the same time.

He didn't know what else he could do for Andrew. He was fully aware the Jackson was already providing him with all the care that he needed.

John remembered Andrew's kind personality. He was such a brilliant person, many people had remained friends with him and showed him respect even after he left the army.

He was the reason for the Chu Family's good reputation. Everyone respected the members of the Chu Family. John was no exception.

When John was little, other people used to call him as the great-grandson of Andrew's from the Chu Family. When he had grown up, people had still associated his name with The Chu family. People would say, "That is John Ye, nephew of Jackson Chu. We'd better behave ourselves when we encounter him and other people from the Chu Family".

All these whispers accompanied John as he grew up. The Chu Family and Andrew had been a big part of John's life. But as time went by, like any other men, Andrew also grew old.



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