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Season 4

Episode 41

(Come out of the thin air)

Standing in front of the school's gate, Joe saw that all the other students were being picked up by their parents. When he thought of what had happened these days, he felt a little upset.

At that time, Joe's headteacher, Rosa, walked out of the school building and saw Joe standing alone at the gate. She thought that because Joe's parents hadn't come to pick him up yet, if she kept waiting for a while longer, she may have the chance to meet Jackson again.
Rosa promptly walked up to Joe. She looked at him with a smile on her face, and said, "Joe, are you waiting for your parents?"

Joe looked at Rosa, and replied, "Yes, I am, but I don't know whether Uncle Bill or my father will come to drive me back home." Although Joe disliked Rosa very much, he still behaved politely to her, because his Mommy had told him to be polite to everyone.

"Joe, doesn't your father need to deal with other business?" asked Rosa, keeping the smile on her lips. Rosa could hardly wait to see Jackson again, and ever since she had met him last time, she had kept thinking of him. His charm was so irresistible that a lot of women wanted to be his lover, herself included.
Joe answered, "I don't know about that. Do you think that my Daddy tells me about his business? Even he tells me, I can't understand it."

When she saw that Joe was beginning to grow impatient, Rosa was afraid that he would soon be annoyed, so she immediately said, "Joe, I have nothing important now; how about you let me accompany you until your parents come to pick you up?"

"It's not necessary, you can go and deal with your own business," said Joe. He then turned around again to see whether he could spot his Daddy's car or his Uncle's.

"It doesn't matter, I have nothing important to do anyway," said Rosa, while grinning from ear to ear.

Joe ignored her completely, but then, all of a sudden, he saw his Daddy's car approaching in the near distance. Joe smiled happily, and said, "My Daddy's here!"

After she heard Joe's words, Rosa immediately looked ahead and saw Jackson's car. She knew it was his car because she had seen it before.

Jackson parked the car at the school gate. After Joe saw that his Mommy was also in it, he ran cheerfully to her.

"Mommy, Mommy, what a big surprise that you both came!" joyfully cried Joe.

Cherry got out of the car and held Joe tight into her arms. She then said, "I'm free today, so I decided to come and pick you up."

"That's excellent! I love Mommy most!" cried Joe.

At that time, Jackson also walked up to Cherry, and he felt satisfied to see that they were so close with each other.

When Rosa saw Jackson also get out of the car, she immediately walked up to them, and with an ingratiating smile on her lips, said, "Joe's father and mother, it's nice to meet you!"

At that time, Cherry had just noticed Rosa, Joe's headteacher. She nodded to her, and greeted her with a smile, "Nice to meet you."

Courteous, Jackson also looked at her, and said, "Ms. Rosa, nice to see you."

When she heard Jackson's greeting, Rosa couldn't help but to stand a little more closer to him. She tenderly said to him, "Mr. Jackson, aren't you busy with your work today? How could you have the free time to pick up Joe by yourself?"

Cherry and Joe both saw that Rosa was getting closer to Jackson. Cherry saw Rosa's soft and coy eyes, and her instinct immediately told her that she was trying to charm Jackson.

Jackson was a bit annoyed by her, because he knew about Rosa's true intent. Last time they had met, her behavior had made him realize what she was trying to achieve, but now everything was ridiculous, because she dared to behave like that even in Cherry's presence.

Jackson looked at Cherry and ignored Rosa completely.

When she saw how he was acting, Rosa felt somehow embarrassed, and didn't know what to say anymore.

Cherry saw that Jackson was looking at her, but she leaved him alone. She then said to Joe, "Son, let's get inside the car and be on our way back home."

"Okay, Mommy," said Joe. He also ignored his Daddy and Rosa, because he had always regarded his Mommy as being the most important person in his life.

Cherry held Joe in her arms and then sat in the car.

After Jackson saw Cherry and Joe get in the car, he intended to follow them, but the moment he turned around to go to the car, his arm was suddenly gripped by Rosa.

She quickly said, "Mr. Jackson, I still have something to tell you."

When Jackson saw that his arm was grabbed by Rosa, he immediately shook it off. He looked at her furiously, and said, "Ms. Rosa, please behave yourself!"

After that, without glancing at Rosa not even for a split second, Jackson impassively walked to the car. He opened the driver's door and got inside it.

Cherry clearly saw what had happened, and it was obvious that Rosa was pestering Jackson. The look in her eyes and how she had grabbed Jackson's arm clearly showed her feelings for him.

She felt a little uneasy, because she had never thought that her marriage would ever be threatened by other women, and even Sally hadn't managed to make her feel like this.

Sally was the woman whom Jackson had once loved, and if Jackson had chosen Sally, it wouldn't have surprised her. But Rosa, what the hell was she for him? She was just Joe's headteacher, and Cherry remembered that when she had met Rosa for the first time, Rosa had disregarded her, only because Joe had gotten into a fight with one of his classmates.

Now, Rosa was flattering her and was even aiming at seducing Jackson in her presence.

All of these details told her that Rosa wasn't easy to deal with, and that she may prove herself to be even more trickier and shrewder than Sally was.

While Jackson was driving, he looked at Cherry and Joe through the rearview mirror.

They were happily playing games on the iPad, and he could hardly find a chance to talk with them in those moments.

"Joe, did you have a good day at school today?" gently asked Jackson. He wanted to talk with Cherry, but he didn't know what to say.



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