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Season 4

Episode 39

(Pickup joe from school (1)

"We should only take actions against Jackson and the Chu Family members! Leave Cherry alone; she's innocent and has never done anything to us!" said Stephen.

"Don't forget that she's still Jackson's wife, Stephen. I think she can be counted as one of the key members of the Chu Family, since she gave birth to Jackson's son. We have to take her into our consideration too," said Mond.

"No, we definitely can't do that!" Stephen was completely against Mond's words.

"You can say all that to Sally," said Mond, in an uncompromising manner.

"You know how much Sally hates that woman and her son. Do you really think she'll be willing to let her off so easily? If Sally says yes, then I don't mind letting her go too."

With these words, Mond finally made up his mind that Cherry would also be their target. He knew very well that Sally would never spare Cherry, because the hatred towards her was beyond imagining. Mond also knew how much Sally loved Jackson, and that Cherry had been the one who had taken Jackson away from her. How could she ever possibly forgive her for what she had done?

Stephen didn't say anything, and just stood silent.

After some time, Mood stood up from his seat, but warned Stephen before he left. He said, "Stephen, have you forgotten what happened that year? None of the Chu Family members can be forgiven. I won't let a single one of them go! They will all pay!"

After he said that, Mond turned around, left and went upstairs, leaving Stephen alone in the living room.

Mond stood in front of the French windows and looked at the scenery outside. He felt very delighted because everything was under his control, and because the ploy proceeded as he had planned it to. He thought to himself, 'Cherry is finally imprisoned at home, and it seems that Jackson hasn't changed a bit in all these years. For those he cares about, he will try his best to protect them and keep them safe, while for those that he doesn't, he will crush them directly.'

Mond took out his phone and then dialled Cherry's phone number.

Cherry was sitting in the living room watching TV, when she suddenly heard her phone ring. She looked at the screen and saw Mond's name on it, and after she thought for a while, she eventually decided to answer the call.

"Hello," said Cherry.

"Are you at home now?" asked Mond directly.

"How do you know that?" asked Cherry, puzzled. She was confused as to how Mond knew that she was at home and not at work.

"Because you didn't show up at the JS Group today," replied Mond, in a calm manner.

"Have you been to JS Group today?" Cherry had no idea about what Mond wanted.

"No," softly replied Mond. "Cherry, if I want to know something, I don't have to go there and see it with my own eyes."

Cherry thought Mond's words over and wondered whether he was implying that he knew someone in the JS Group.

After she took a deep breath, she asked, "Why are you calling?"

"I only wanted to chat with you," said Mond, "And I also wanted to check if you're okay."

"Why?" asked Cherry, even more puzzled.

"I heard that you resigned from the JS Group. What happened? Were you discontent with the JS Group's pay? If yes, then why not come to ZM Group? I'll offer you a salary three times higher than that of the JS Group," said Mond. He already knew that Cherry would never come to work for him, because Jackson would definitely not allow her to do that. He knew how much Jackson wanted him to leave the city and stay far away from Cherry.

"No, but thank you. I don't want to go to work for the moment, and I just want to relax myself for some time at home," replied Cherry. She knew that Jackson didn't want her to keep in touch with Mond. How could she go to work for the ZM Group? Jackson was her husband, and she always had to take his feelings into consideration.

"Really?" asked Mond. "What if I want to see you now?"

"Why do you want to see me?" asked Cherry, surprised by his sudden question. She wondered what the hell Mond wanted to do.

"Don't you want to know about Jackson's past? I didn't tell you all of it last time.

Oh, no, actually I didn't even start Jackson's story yet," said Mond. He was quite confident that Cherry would say yes and meet with him.

Cherry hesitated for a moment and got lost in thought. 'He really hasn't told me anything about Jackson last time, but if I meet with him, Jackson will be furious. If he finds out that I go to meet with Mond again, he'll be driven out of his mind, and I can't possibly imagine what he will do to me then. I don't know how to face him either.'

"Well," said Cherry, "When I'm free later, I'll invite you for a cup of tea. I'm quite busy at the moment around here, and it's not convenient for me to go out right now."

Cherry didn't refuse Mond directly because she didn't want to give up on the opportunity of knowing more about her husband. Also, she didn't want to meet Mond right away because she was afraid that Jackson might find out and be angry with her.

"Busy at the moment?" Mond repeated her words, but he knew that it was just an excuse.

"Yes, I have something to deal with; I'm sorry," said Cherry. She had made up her mind that she wouldn't meet Mond in the near future, fearing that Jackson would be mad at her.

"Well…" said Mond softly, "I'll come to you if you can't come to me, if you're so busy."

After he said that, Mond curled his lips, but a touch of evil flashed in his eyes. He had achieved another one of his targets.
"Wha… what?" Cherry couldn't understand what Mond was talking about and wondered what the hell he wanted to do.

He didn't reply to her question, and instead hung up the phone directly.

Cherry then heard the beeping tone in the speaker and wondered what was going on. She put the phone aside and sat on the sofa in a daze.

Andrew walked downstairs, and after he got to the living room, he saw that Cherry was sitting quietly on the sofa with the TV turned on. It seemed that she was not watching it, but instead staring blankly in front of her.

After Andrew walked closer to Cherry, he called her name, "Cherry."

She didn't hear him, because she was still lost in her thoughts.

"Cherry!" called Andrew again, but in a louder voice.

She heard him this time, and she quickly snapped out of her deep pondering and turned to look at Andrew. She quickly stood up from the sofa, and said, "Afternoon, Grandpa!"

Andrew nodded to Cherry as a greeting and then sat down on the couch opposite to her. He then asked, "What's the matter, Cherry? Is there anything wrong?"

Cherry quickly shook her head and replied, "No, no! Everything is okay."

"Is it?" Andrew didn't believe a word Cherry said. Judging from her behavior, it was obvious that she was bothered by something or someone, and how could he believe that everything was okay?



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