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 Season 4

Episode 36

(Good time (2)

"What did you say?" Jackson was getting irked.    

 "Darling, darling," cried Cherry as soon as she thought Jackson would attack her. She was too frightened to annoy this domineering man.     

"Be a good girl, baby, serve me with your body tonight."    

"Go slowly!"    

"Okay, I will be tender."  

The next morning, rays of sunlight poured into the room. Cherry went to get up, but found herself entangled tightly, in Jackson's arms. The bed was a total wreck.     

"Darling, what time is it?" Cherry's tone was sleepy.   

Feeling Cherry moving in his arms, Jackson clutched her tighter and said, "I don't know. You don't need to know, because you aren't driving Joe to school anyway. Lay with me and sleep some more."   

 "I can't go back to sleep now," said Cherry.    

 Jackson opened his eyes and looked at Cherry. Seeing her when he was just waking up, filled him with happiness.    

 Jackson glanced at the clock on the wall and said, "It's past ten o'clock. Joe is at school already."    

Cherry looked at Jackson and asked, "What excuse did you give Selina to explain my resignation?"    

"I just said it was unsafe for you to work at the company, and if you were home, you could be protected," Jackson calmly told her.     

"Jackson, you," Cherry was so furious and she was speechless too. She couldn't believe he would tell Selina that, and didn't know how she could face Selina in the future.   

"What's wrong?" Jackson continued, "You can stay with grandpa for now, and I will come home to stay with you when I'm free. That's good, right?"    

"But? I want to go to work! I want to have a job!" exclaimed Cherry. She wasn't willing to lose her job.     

"How much did you earn there? I will pay you five times the amount you were being paid. So, listen to me and stay home, okay?" said Jackson. He wasn't going to let Cherry go to work because he was afraid that she would meet Mond again.     

"I have money. But money isn't what I want." asked Cherry.     

"Then behave and stay home, okay?"  It was Jackson's turn to ingratiate himself to Cherry.   

Focusing sight on Jackson's face, Cherry was happy in her heart. Though this man was so commanding outside, he would humble himself to make her happy when she got mad.    

 Cherry suddenly burst out laughing. Staring at Jackson she conceded, "Okay, I will stay home and I won't go anywhere."   

 Hearing Cherry promise delighted Jackson, "Baby, that's good. I will give you everything that you want. After all, you are my woman and I must dote on you.     

"That's enough chit-chat. Get up quickly. Otherwise grandpa will call us lazy again," said Cherry.     

"That's okay. Let's sleep away the afternoon." said Jackson.     

"Don't you have things to do today?" asked Cherry.     

"I have to go out for a while this afternoon, but aside from that, nope, nothing else," answered Jackson after thinking about Cherry's question for a while.   

"But then, why don't you get up quickly? Hurry up!" said Cherry.     

"Alright, let's shower first. After that, we'll go downstairs and eat breakfast, okay?" agreed Jackson.     


When Jackson and Cherry got downstairs, they found only Lily, who was busy with housework in the kitchen.    

 "Lily, where is my Grandpa and his Butler?" asked Cherry.     

When Lily saw Jackson and Cherry, she immediately walked over to them and respectfully told them. "Mr. Andrew and his Butler just went out. I think they were going for a stroll around the compound. 

Bill, went to buy me some vegetables," answered Lily, fixing her eyes on Jackson and Cherry.   

"Oh, I see," replied Cherry.     

"Have you prepared anything for lunch?" questioned Jackson.    

 "No, not yet," said Lily, "if you want something to eat, I can prepare something for you now."   

 "Is there any breakfast left?" Cherry asked.     

"There is still some bread and porridge," replied Lily.     

"Alright, then we will have that," Cherry said smiling.     

"Okay, I will heat it up for you, it'll just be a minute," Lily said as she turned and went back into the kitchen.     

Jackson sat in the living room, holding Cherry's hand.   

"You can go after lunch," said Cherry to Jackson.     

"Okay, there's no hurry. I need to go to the apartment and pick Derek up," Jackson told her. How he wished he could just stay there at home with Cherry always.  

   "Are you going back to the barracks?" asked Cherry.     

"No, we are just going to go deal with something. There is nothing happening at the barracks now, or they would call me," answered Jackson.     

Cherry nodded, "Then I will go to the school to pick Joe up this afternoon."    "No, You stay home with Grandpa, and I will pick Joe up from school." said Jackson.     

"But I want to pick him up myself and see him," said Cherry.     

Staring at Cherry, Jackson was not hardhearted enough at all, so he said, "How about I come back home, pick you up and we can go pick Joe up together? How about that?"  

"Okay, fine, then I will wait for you at home, " said Cherry smiling.

Seeing Cherry's smile, Jackson said reluctantly, "if only you would give me half the attention you pay to our son."

Cherry could hear the jealousy in Jackson's voice. She smiled and said, "Come on, Joe is so small, and needs to be taken care of, please understand, okay?"

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