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Season 9

Episode 29

(Back Then, I Adored You (9)

The girl opened her eyes blearily. She stared at Lu Bancheng as if she had not completely awoken from her dreams, and then she called out, “Wu Hao?”

Lu Bancheng, who had initially planned on turning around and walking away, halted his steps when he heard that name. He lifted his head and gazed at Xu Wennuan. That night, she had drunk-dialed him and called him “Wu Hao.”

He had brought her home and taken care of her the entire night, even when she just kept calling Wu Hao’s name the whole time. She had gazed so intensely at Wu Hao during Gu Yusheng’s and Qin Zhi’ai’s wedding today that when he had left, she was still turned around for one last glance.

He and Xu Wennuan had already obtained a marriage certificate, and even though they were just faking their status as a married couple, she still refused to admit their relationship to outsiders.

When he had come home to her, he had found her chanting Wu Hao’s name even in her sleep. And now that she was awake and looking at him, she was still saying “Wu Hao.”

Wu Hao, Wu Hao, Wu Hao… Is there an end to this?

After becoming a bit more lucid, she sat up and, after getting a good look at him, said in a thin voice, “Brother Bancheng.”

She sounded so tender calling Wu Hao’s name but so polite and distant when she called his. The alcohol Lu Bancheng had consumed forced the anger in his chest to spread. His face started to redden as he looked into her eyes, and at that moment he lost all reason. It was as if he had been possessed as he pressed his weight down on her.

His actions frightened her. She screamed, frantically called out his name, and then reached out to push him away. Her resistance only caused his strength to increase involuntarily. He paid no attention to her reluctance as he grabbed her head and kissed her lips forcefully.

She started to struggle even harder. Her whimpering could be heard even though their lips were pressed together, and when she occasionally managed to break free of the kiss, she would plead, “Brother Bancheng, please don’t do this. Brother Bancheng…”

However, it was as though he could not hear her. He continued kissing her aggressively while tearing open her clothes.

He ripped piece after piece of clothing off her body, exposing her naked skin. She could feel his breath on her, and it frightened her to no end. Her body started trembling as she started fighting even harder against him.

He used one leg to hold both of hers down and prevent her from kicking him. Then, he single-handedly grabbed both her hands and pinned them above her head while his other hand roamed freely down her body.

He kissed her skin; his lips started at her face and trailed down to her neck, her collarbones. She was so terrified that she could not stop trembling. The words in her mouth became even more pitiful. “Brother Bancheng, I’m begging you… Please… I’ll return your money. Please…” However, he did not let her go no matter how much she begged. Eventually, all she could do was start wailing.

Even so, he still displayed no intention of letting her go as he effortlessly parted her legs. She was shaking violently at this point, and her voice cracked when she pleaded with him. Still, he forced his way into her decisively, without any signs of hesitation or softening his resolve.

A foreign and sharp pain muted her voice entirely. Her mind went completely blank and other than the tears streaming down her face, it was as if she was dead. There was no longer any resistance from her.


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  1. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu30 October 2020 at 17:21

    Bancheng, I hate you for this. I knew from the onset that Xu wenuenue was making a big mistake.



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