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Season 9

Episode 27

(Back Then, I Adored You (7)

Nanny Zhang and the caretaker took the baby to have her shower, while Mother Qin and Old Master Gu were left to watch TV in the living room.

When Old Master Gu lifted the teapot to pour himself some tea, he also poured a cup for Mother Qin. “This tea helps to calm one’s nerves. You’ll sleep well after drinking this.”

“Thank you, Old Master,” Mother Qin quickly responded, to which Old Master Gu returned a look of welcome. With a beam on his face, he lifted his teacup to take a sip.

Mother Qin had been in Beijing for more than a month. She had been observing and remembering how well Gu Yusheng took care of Qin Zhi’ai, as well as all the little things he did for her. On this day, her daughter’s wedding day, she was so touched that her eyes turned red a few times. Now that she was seated together with Old Master Gu, she could not help but exclaim, “Old Master Gu, we owe it to you that Yusheng is together with Xiao’ai.”

The gleeful Old Master Gu, who was about to take a second sip of tea, abruptly paused his action and turned to look at Mother Qin in astonishment.

Owe it to me? Why would they owe it to me?

Mother Qin didn’t notice the difference in Old Master Gu. Lifting her teacup, she, too, took a sip and continued to speak, “Old Master, frankly speaking, I was quite displeased that my daughter had been set up like that.”

Set up? Is Mother Qin aware of the tricks that Liang Doukou pulled on Xiao’ai? Does she also know about the harsh words that I’d said to Xiao’ai back then, when I still trusted Xiaokou?

Old Master Gu felt a jolt, followed by an unprecedented sense of anxiety creeping up on him.

“But now that Xiao’ai is so blissful, I suddenly feel that the past displeasure I experienced was actually completely unnecessary.” As if heartened, Mother Qin began chuckling to herself while she spoke. “But everything is over now, so there’s no need to bring it up anymore.”

Mother Qin definitely knows about how I had pressured Xiao’ai to leave Gu Yusheng back then…

Old Master Gu silently tried to suppress the uneasiness that was roiling within him. Placing down his teacup, he flashed an ingratiating smile at Mother Qin and prepared to apologize. “Mrs. Qin…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Mother Qin suddenly smiled again and turned her head to look at him. “Old Master, say, you’re pretty modern. To think that you could even have come up with the tactic of getting Yusheng to have a shotgun wedding. I’ve only heard of girls insisting to marry into a wealthy family through a shotgun wedding; I’ve never heard of a man proposing the same. That was pretty amazing…”

What shotgun wedding?

Old Master Gu was completely dumbfounded.

“You’re pretty advanced in years, but you have plenty of cards to pull. To think that you could actually get Yusheng to make the move and impregnate Xiao’ai. I understand that you dote on Xiao’ai, but you shouldn’t be so obstinate. Yusheng was not in Beijing and Xiao’ai could not return to Hangzhou so, regardless, shouldn’t you have dropped me a call to get me to come here?”

Having listened up to this point, Old Master Gu finally understood what was going on.

Did Gu Yusheng make me the bad guy when he was explaining to Mother Qin about the premarital pregnancy? No wonder I sneezed continuously several times that night!

“Scoundrel!” Old Master Gu spat out subconsciously.

“What?” Mother Qin jumped in shock upon hearing Old Master Gu’s sudden furious remark.

When Old Master Gu realized that he had lost control of himself, he became increasingly flustered and exasperated, but he could not curse Gu Yusheng for throwing mud at him, as that would tarnish Mother Qin’s good impression of him.

The more Old Master Gu thought about it, the more conflicted he was, until eventually he answered, “I said that I’m a scoundrel!”


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