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Season 9

Episode 26

(Back Then, I Adored You (6)

Lu Bancheng forcefully swallowed his words due to Xu Wennuan.

After a while, he said, “Let me send you back.”

“You don’t have to…” Xu Wennuan rejected him without hesitation.

Lu Bancheng’s eyebrows stiffened. Instead of forcing Xu Wennuan, he gave a slight nod. “Then take care of yourself.”

“Okay, Brother Bancheng.” Xu Wennuan gave Lu Bancheng a smile and walked to the side of the road. Just when she raised her hand to flag a taxi, Lu Bancheng called out to her as if something had suddenly come to mind. “Nuannuan,” said Lu Bancheng.

“Yes?” Xu Wennuan turned around.

Lu Bancheng picked up his phone and tapped on the screen a few times. Following that, Xu Wennuan’s phone started ringing. She whipped it out and looked at the screen. It was a text message from Lu Bancheng containing an address and a passcode.

Xu Wennuan gazed at Lu Bancheng in confusion.

Lu Bancheng kept his phone in his pocket while explaining in a calm voice. “That’s my house address, and those numbers are the passcode to unlock my door. Even though we are just pretending to be a couple, you should move in with me. You can go home and pack up now before heading to my place. I’ll help you move anything else that you need when I’m free.”

I’m really not particularly familiar with Lu Bancheng; Wu Hao was our only mutual connection. Even though he only asked me to pretend to be his wife to put on a show for his parents, one million dollars is not a small sum. I’m under his control because I took it.

Even though Xu Wennuan had never lived with a man with whom she wasn’t familiar, not a single trace of resistance could be mustered in her response to Lu Bancheng. She replied, “I got it, Brother Bancheng. I’ll go to your house later.”

Lu Bancheng nodded and didn’t say another word. Xu Wennuan turned around, raised her hand, and hailed a taxi.

Lu Bancheng only retracted his gaze after the taxi Xu Wennuan got in had long gone. He then pulled open his car door and got in.


Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi’ai spent their wedding night in the Gu Mansion.

To create atmosphere, Nanny Zhang had placed red candles throughout the master bedroom, with the effect of it being bathed in a faint red light. She scattered rose petals around the red bed sheets, as well. It was an exceptional bridal room with all the decorating she did.

When Gu Yusheng emerged from his shower, Qin Zhi’ai was sitting before the dressing table in red silk pajamas and drying her hair. He walked forward, took the hairdryer from her, and helped her meticulously dry her hair. Then, he offered her his hand, pulled her up, and spun her around so they were face to face.

Her face appeared so delicate under the shimmering candlelight. She gazed back into his eyes, which were dark and clear with candlelight flickering in them. Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but lift his hand to stroke her hair. Then, his touch landed on her face as he gently caressed her. After a long time, he lowered his head slightly and kissed her lips. Her eyelashes fluttered lightly before she shut her eyes.

The chaste kiss quickly grew intense, and the atmosphere in the room was also increasing in heat. After her silk pajamas fell to the ground, he picked her up gently and placed her on the bed.

The candlelight started flickering more fiercely, and the flames grew higher as their bodies intertwined in the most intimate manner possible.


Their wedding night, though, was just beginning, and it did not involve only Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi’ai.



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