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Season 9

Episode 25

(Back Then, I Adored You (5)

Xu Wennuan was a little stunned when she saw him. Then, as if she knew he was waiting for her, Xu Wennuan washed her hands at the sink before approaching him. She called out, “Brother Bancheng.”

Lu Bancheng looked fixedly into Xu Wennuan’s eyes for a long moment. He detected the redness in her eyes and deduced that she must have hidden herself in the restroom to cry earlier on.

Is she crying because of Wu Hao?

An unfamiliar sensation flared in Lu Bancheng’s chest, and he averted his eyes slightly and stared at a painting on the wall nearby before he forced himself to speak amicably. “Nuannuan, I received a call from the company earlier. I have to leave for a business trip tomorrow morning, and I probably won’t be back until next month. Do you have time later? Because I’d like us to go get our marriage certificate at the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Lu Bancheng’s tone was more like he was informing her rather than asking her, and then he added, “You don’t have a problem with that, right?”

Xu Wennuan shook her head. “No problem.”


The wedding ceremony ended before 3:00 p.m.

The rooms in the upper floors of the Peking Hotel had all been reserved by Gu Yusheng for his family and closest friends. All the guests who were leaving were sent off by Gu Yusheng at the exit door, where Lu Bancheng had accompanied him. Guests who were staying had been escorted upstairs by the staff or their friends to rest.

Xu Wennuan had followed Qin Zhi’ai to her top-floor suite, where she was going to remove her makeup. Qin Zhi’ai’s hairdo was rather complicated, and Xu Wennuan was helping her undo it when her phone rang. She glanced at the screen and saw a text message from Lu Bancheng telling her that he was waiting for her at the street opposite the Peking Hotel.

Xu Wennuan didn’t reply. She put her phone back in her purse and continued helping Qin Zhi’ai with her hair. Halfway through, Gu Yusheng came in and stood behind Qin Zhi’ai to take over Xu Wennuan’s task. It was time for the newlyweds to be alone, and Xu Wennuan left tactfully.

After emerging from the Peking Hotel, Xu Wennuan saw Lu Bancheng’s car parked across the street. She stood at the crosswalk and waited for the red light to turn green before leisurely making her way across the street. Xu Wennuan approached the car and, when she drew nearer to the windows, she saw Lu Bancheng leaning against his seat and looking at his phone. She lifted her hand and knocked lightly on the glass.

Lu Bancheng turned around to look at her. He casually pressed a button next to him to unlock the car doors. Xu Wennuan pulled open the door and entered the car. Lu Bancheng started driving the moment she fastened her seatbelt.

They were still an hour away from rush hour, so traffic was very smooth. They arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau after a mere 20 minutes. Lu Bancheng parked the car and got out. He stood in front of the car and waited until Xu Wennuan had emerged, as well, before he pressed the button on the car key to lock the doors. Then, they strolled through the entrance doors, where they were the only ones there besides the employees.

Lu Bancheng and Xu Wennuan quickly obtained their application for the declaration of marriage registration, filled in their details, and handed the application back to the staff, along with their account books and identification cards. Then, they took a photo together and waited for five minutes before they obtained their marriage certificate.

After leaving the Civil Affairs Bureau, Lu Bancheng lifted his hand to glance at the time on his wristwatch. It was only 4:10 p.m. There was still an hour before dinner time, and he turned around with the intention of asking Xu Wennuan what she wanted to eat for dinner.

Before he could speak, though, Xu Wennuan cut him off. “Brother Bancheng, I’m rather tired so I want to go home and rest. You should go ahead if there’s anything you have to do. I’ll just get a taxi from here.”


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