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Season 9

Episode 24

(Back Then, I Adored You (4)

Leaning against the wall in the restroom, Wu Hao dug out the ring that he had used to propose to Xu Wennuan back then on the field at A High School. He stared at it in a daze for a long time and only came back to his senses when he heard a beeping sound from his pocket.

Taking out his cell phone, he took one glance at the caller ID. It was his mother. Wu Hao reigned in his emotions and answered the call. “Mom.”

“Xiaohao, it’s Mom calling. I called to let you know that Xu Wennuan’s parents visited earlier today. They returned all the betrothal gifts untouched, including that one million dollars…”

Leaning against the wall, Wu Hao’s expression was as calm as still waters, as if he hadn’t heard what his mother had just said. She seemed to be melancholic, as well, and she heaved out a sigh before saying in a distant voice, “I truly liked Nuannuan. You two have been together for so many years. Why did you split up all of a sudden? She even returned the betrothal gifts and completely cut off all ties…”

Completely cut off all ties…

These few words struck Wu Hao hard, as if he was hit by a baseball bat. His entire body trembled, and he abruptly ended the call in a panic.

That was my Nuannuan, the Nuannuan I love. Why would she want to be completely unrelated to me now?

The outcome of our affairs was clearly set in stone months ago, so why can’t I accept it?

Wu Hao shut his eyes and slowly exhaled a few times before straightening his body and walking out of the toilet. He stood before the sink and thoroughly washed his hands before pulling out the towel to dry them. Turning around, he exited the restroom and made his way toward the wedding hall.

After a few steps, however, he saw Xu Wennuan walking toward him, and he abruptly stopped dead in his tracks. Xu Wennuan, too, saw him, and the pleasant sound of her stilettos as she walked stopped immediately.

Only 15 feet apart, they gazed at each other for some time before Wu Hao walked up to her. “I received a call from my mother earlier. She told me that your parents have returned the betrothal gifts…”

“Yes.” After she had received the check from Lu Bancheng yesterday afternoon, she had gone to the bank and transferred the money to her bank card. Upon returning home, she had handed the card over to her parents and told them to make a trip to the Wu home.

Xu Wennuan was swift and decisive in admitting to returning the gifts, so Wu Hao did not know how to reply to her.

They stood in silence for a long time before Wu Hao eventually shifted his gaze away and pointed toward the wedding hall behind Xu Wennuan with his chin. “I’ll head over first.”

“Yeah.” Xu Wennuan gave a faint smile and took a step to the side to make way for him. Wu Hao stood rooted to the spot for a few seconds before lifting his feet and walking away. After he was some distance away, Xu Wennuan turned her head and took a look at Wu Hao’s silhouette before making her way to the restroom.

Lu Bancheng had witnessed the scene of Xu Wennuan and Wu Hao bumping into each other. He stood in the wedding hall and watched her until she disappeared into the restroom. Then, lifting his wine glass, he smiled ambiguously and continued to accompany Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi’ai in making a toast to the guests at each table.

After making toasts to a few more tables, Lu Bancheng asked Xiaowang to stand in for him, and he made his way toward the restroom; however, he did not enter the restroom but leaned against the wall opposite its entrance. In a minute, Xu Wennuan came walking out.


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