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Season 9

Episode 18

(Yusheng’s Proposal (12)

She had not left, although she originally had intended to. She had hidden in the restroom until Zhou Jing had left, and then she had snuck into the woman’s office. After rummaging through the desk for a long time, she had eventually found the bottle that Zhou Jing had looked at. She had carefully poured some of the powder onto a piece of tissue.

After leaving Zhou Jing’s office, she had taken the powder to a friend of hers in medical school. Later that night, her friend had texted her what it was—arsenic.

So… Zhou Jing is planning to find an opportunity to poison Gu Yusheng at his wedding!

Having always wanted to be with Gu Yusheng, she had committed numerous unscrupulous acts toward Qin Zhi’ai, but she had never once thought about harming him.

Recently, she had spent a lot of time thinking about why things had developed to this state, but it wasn’t until that night that she had finally realized that, to Zhou Jing, she had always been just a pawn and a money-making tool.

I’ve always viewed Zhou Jing as my confidant, yet Zhou Jing has only treated me as a fool.

What a mind-numbing truth: It’s so hard to accept, but it’s impossible not to…

Liang Doukou hadn’t blamed anyone, as she realized that she had allowed this situation to form through her own choices. She had been too trusting of Zhou Jing and followed whatever she had proposed. She had thought that she had found a way out, yet she was making her way down a dead end.

Nobody understood how hopeless she felt that night. Her family had left her. Grandpa Gu, who had once doted on her, had become disgusted with her. She was completely hated by Gu Yusheng, whom she loved, and even her last shred of hope was merely wishful thinking on her part.

She had both cried and laughed. She had wanted to inform Gu Yusheng that Zhou Jing intended to harm him, but she had already become too far removed from Gu Yusheng’s world, so far that she could not even have seen him if she had tried.

She had wanted to look for Grandpa Gu. She had once entered the Gu Mansion whenever she pleased, but now she could not take a single step into the house. Nanny Zhang, who had once been pleased to see her, had only given her a cold face when she had last tried to visit. “What are you doing here? Old Master does not wish to see you.”

At the very end, she was driven into a corner, so she had gone to look for Jiang Qianqian, who had cursed at her and said that she was out of her mind. She had then gone to her mother, who had told her that she needed to give up. Thinking that Liang Doukou was up to no good, she had said, “Xiaokou, if you continue to keep this up, even I will not bother with you anymore.”

At that instant, Liang Doukou had truly understood the meaning behind the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Days had passed until there were only three days left before January 18th. That day, her wish had finally been fulfilled when she had seen Gu Yusheng; however, she had not managed to speak to him.

She had been walking down the sidewalk when she had spotted Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi’ai trying on wedding gowns and suits in a luxurious and extravagantly furnished boutique. She had witnessed the man she loved looking at his bride with deep affection. That was an extravagant hope that she had not even dared to dream of in her lifetime.

He’s so handsome… So very beautiful…

She had stared at them for an extremely long time, until she had eventually lowered her head, turned, and left. At that instant, the regret that had surfaced in her mind when she had met Grandpa Gu and Qin Zhi’ai at Xiangshan Park had been completely unleashed.

Back then, if I had realized that Gu Yusheng had fallen in love with Qin Zhi’ai and informed him that Qin Zhi’ai was my body double, would things have been different between us?

If Grandpa Gu had not allowed Gu Yusheng to marry her, if I had not listened to Zhou Jing’s suggestion to arrange for that car accident, and we had gone our separate ways, would Grandpa Gu still dote on me now?

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  1. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu26 October 2020 at 15:47

    Zhou Jing is a devil. She deserves to die



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