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Season 9

Episode 17

(Yusheng’s Proposal (11)

Even though something like that had happened, Liang Doukou had never suspected Zhou Jing.

If she had not unknowingly eavesdropped on Zhou Jing’s conversation with someone else two weeks ago, she would probably still be a fool right now. She would still have chosen to believe Zhou Jing without any reservations.

Now that she could no longer return to the Liang family, it was no longer as easy for her to obtain news about Gu Yusheng. That day, she had coincidentally run into Jiang Qianqian. When she had provoked the latter, she had learned that it had been two weeks since Gu Yusheng had returned from the military. She also had learned that he had gone to Qin Zhi’ai’s house in Hangzhou to ask for her hand in marriage. The date of their marriage had been announced for January 18th.

This news had seriously upset Liang Doukou that day, as she had always genuinely liked Gu Yusheng. Her first subconscious thought had been to go look for Zhou Jing. Liang Doukou didn’t know whether or not she should be glad about the fact that she coincidentally knew that Zhou Jing would be at her company office that day, but she went there immediately.

As it was the weekend, there had not been a soul at the company. When she had arrived at the door to Zhou Jing’s office and had just about pushed it open, she had heard the conversation that was happening inside.

“Even though Liang Doukou has fallen and has nothing to her name now, she’s ultimately still a celebrity. So many investors dream of sleeping with her. I sent her to someone’s bed just two weeks ago, and she received a sum of money from that—It was just enough for me to secure the female lead role for you.”

Zhou Jing’s movements had halted, as the girl in her office responded, “Sister Zhou, what would you do if Senior Liang finds out that you’re using her like that?”

Liang Doukou had recognized that voice; it had belonged to a girl who had acted in the same show as her one year ago. She had remembered her as a gifted individual.

“How will she know if neither of us tells her anything? Moreover, I single-handedly made her career in the past. Now that she doesn’t have much value left, I must squeeze her dry before abandoning her. I still intend to make use of her to boost your reputation.”

Thereafter, their laughter could be heard.

After a moment, Zhou Jing had spoken again. “Right, I acted as a go-between for you and Director Li from Wanyi. He’s been working closely with the Gu Company for the past few years. With Gu Yusheng’s imminent wedding, Director Li is bound to get invited. Try to figure out a way to get two extra invitations from him, I want to attend the wedding of Gu Yusheng, director of the Gu Company. I want to see what kind of venue it takes place in!”

Zhou Jing had deliberately emphasized “Gu Yusheng, director of the Gu Company.” Liang Doukou was not a fool; after having known Zhou Jing for so many years, she instantly had realized that Zhou Jing’s intentions were not benign. She did not merely want to witness Gu Yusheng’s wedding; she definitely had ulterior motives and intended to wreak havoc at his wedding.

The female celebrity who had been chatting with Zhou Jing quickly took her leave afterward. Liang Doukou had self-consciously kept herself out of sight and had only left her hiding spot when the young celebrity had walked far away down the corridor. She had initially wanted to act like she hadn’t even been there and just leave; however, when she had walked past Zhou Jing’s door and had looked through the gap, she had seen the latter holding a bottle of pills and smiling coldly.

Liang Doukou had been afraid that she would be discovered so she did not dare linger; however, when she turned around, she heard Zhou Jing speak again, in a low voice and through gritted teeth. “Gu Yusheng, I’ll make you repay what you owe me with your life!”

Zhou Jing wants to attend Gu Yusheng’s wedding? Repay with his life? Is Zhou Jing intending to kill Gu Yusheng? What exactly does that bottle contain?


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