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Season 9

Episode 16

(Yusheng’s Proposal (10)

Liang Doukou’s behavior was the exact same as when the two policewomen were in the interrogation room. Her lips were pursed, and she maintained a poker face. She sat on the chair and did not react to anything.

One officer tugged at the sleeve of the interrogating officer to signal her to stop asking questions and to leave the room. The latter shifted her gaze away from Liang Doukou and was just about to leave when Liang Doukou, who had remained silent for so long, suddenly said, “I don’t regret it.”

Her voice was so soft, that only the officer who had interrogated her and was walking behind her heard her. Her footsteps halted, and she turned around to look at Liang Doukou, whose head was lowered and eyes were hidden. Her words appeared to be meant more for herself than anyone else.

“Killing her is the one thing I’ve done that I regret the least in my life.”

No matter what the victim did to her, it was wrong to kill her. Liang Doukou had broken the law but still showed no sign of remorse. The officer staring at her from above shook her head and walked out, shutting the door to the interrogation room behind her.

There wasn’t even a window in the interrogation room. There was no other light aside from the dim yellow light hanging overhead.

Liang Doukou sat quietly in her chair with her head lowered. She stared at her cuffed wrists for a long time. The lone teardrop in her eye rolled down her face slowly and landed on the back of her hand.

Indeed, the whole world was shocked and wondered why she had killed Zhou Jing. Unfortunately, no one would ever know the real reason. If possible, she personally did not wish to recall her motivation behind killing Zhou Jing. Her recollection would have to start from the day after Old Master Gu’s 80th birthday.

After that day, Old Master Gu had instructed his house staff that Liang Doukou was not allowed to step into the Gu Mansion. Her insistence on doing things her way had offended the Gu family, causing her family members who had once doted on her to be angry at her, as well.

She had been frantic and afraid and had gone to Zhou Jing for help countless times, but Zhou Jing had always kept coming up with various excuses to shut her up. Liang Doukou initially hadn’t understood why Zhou Jing was always responding to her in such a perfunctory manner. She stupidly had thought that as long as she had Zhou Jing she would be able to earn the forgiveness of her family and Old Master Gu.

But day after day had passed, and besides her mother, who would call her occasionally, her grandfather and father had adamantly refused to forgive her. She had even made a trip home during the Mid-Autumn Festival, but all she had gotten in return was ridicule from her relatives.

At that point, even Zhou Jing, who would occasionally meet her, had refused to continue doing so. Liang Doukou had acted like a child who had been abandoned by the entire world. She had spent the Mid-Autumn Festival alone, crying on the road for the better half of the night.

Later, she had run into Old Master Gu and Qin Zhi’ai in Xiangshan Park. Looking at Old Master Gu, who had once pampered and loved her, and now was behaving protectively over Qin Zhi’ai, she had felt a pang of envy. That emotion had been quickly chased by regret. She could not understand how she had gone from having a good life to finding herself utterly isolated.

She had unconditionally trusted Zhou Jing. In fact, she had treated her as the best friend she had ever had in her life. Even when Zhou Jing, who had not contacted her for an entire month, suddenly had called and asked her to come pick her up from the Majestic Clubhouse because she was drunk, Liang Doukou had obliged without hesitation.

When she had arrived, there were many film industry investors sitting around the table, and Zhou Jing goaded her into entertaining them all. Both of them had drunk a fair bit of alcohol that night so, as for what had happened next, Liang Doukou had never been sure. All she knew was that she had woken up in the bed of a middle-aged man the next morning.


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