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Season 9

Episode 14

(Yusheng’s Proposal (8)

Could it be that Wu Hao had brought me home? But I don’t remember Wu Hao having such an apartment…

Xu Wennuan furrowed her eyebrows as she got out of bed and walked barefooted out of the bedroom. A luxuriously decorated living room greeted her eyes. It was clean, tidy, and spotless. As she carefully inspected the living room, she heard movement in the dining room and strode toward the noise. Just before she got to the dining room, the person inside walked out before she could get there.

Lu Bancheng, who was dressed in his pajamas, stopped in his tracks when he saw her. “You’re awake?”

Xu Wennuan nodded in a daze, before picking up her cell phone and looking at her call log.

I… I actually called Lu Bancheng last night?

Lu Bancheng tilted his body slightly to make way for her to pass. “You’re just in time for breakfast. Go eat something.”

Still processing what was going on, Xu Wennuan mumbled “okay” and only lifted her foot after a long while.

She lifted her foot after a considerable length of time, and it was only then that Lu Bancheng noticed that she was barefooted. He reached out for her elbow and passed his slippers to her. Then, he stepped on the cold floor again and walked over to the door to get a new pair of slippers.

At the dining table, Lu Bancheng filled a bowl with porridge and handed it to Xu Wennuan along with a spoon. At this, Xu Wennuan finally return to her senses. She took the spoon, thanked him, and then said, “Brother Bancheng, I’m really sorry about last night. I must have called the wrong number.”

I must have called the wrong number… I knew this the moment he answered, didn’t I?

Lu Bancheng lowered his gaze. He remained expressionless and silent for a second before he lifted his head again and smiled at Xu Wennuan. “It’s alright. Hurry up and eat.”

Xu Wennuan picked up her spoon and started eating her porridge bite by bite. Her hangover had left her stomach queasy. After eating half a bowl, Xu Wennuan put down her spoon and was about to bid Lu Bancheng goodbye when her phone on the dining table started ringing.

Lu Bancheng lifted his gaze when he heard the sound and saw the word “Mother” flashing on the screen. Xu Wennuan stared at the screen and hesitated before answering the call. “Mother,” she said.

Mother Xu’s voice was loud, allowing Lu Bancheng, who was sitting opposite Xu Wennuan, to hear their conversation.

“Nuannuan, are you really not going to marry Wu Hao anymore? Even if Wu Hao really made a mistake, you cannot condemn him to death just like that. We’ve already met Wu Hao’s parents—His mother called me last night to ask me to advise you against this.

“Nuannuan, how can you go back on your decision just like that when you should have discussed this with your father and me first? Do you know that Wu Hao gave us a million dollars as your betrothal gift when he came to ask for your hand in marriage? Your father was secure in knowing that the two of you would get married, and he’s already used the money on stocks. All the money has been invested. If you really want to break this engagement, we’ll have to return the money, as well, and we don’t have it anymore…”

Back then, Xu Wennuan’s relationship with Wu Hao had been so good that she had already considered him as family; she had paid no attention to his betrothal gift to her parents.

One million dollars…

Xu Wennuan bit down on her lips. Due to Lu Bancheng’s presence, she did not want to discuss it in detail just then. She simply replied, “Let’s talk when I get home,” before ending the call.

After ending the call, Xu Wennuan lifted her head and bid Lu Bancheng goodbye. “Brother Bancheng, thank you for your help last night. I don’t want to impose on you anymore, so I’m leaving now.”

“Oh, okay.” Lu Bancheng nodded and set his chopsticks aside. “I’ll send you off,” he added.

Xu Wennuan pursed her lips and did not say anything else. They stood up at the same time and, when they arrived at the door, he pushed it open for her.

“Brother Bancheng, goodbye.” Xu Wennuan changed quickly into her shoes before waving at him.

“Goodbye,” he responded.

Xu Wennuan smiled at him and then left.

Lu Bancheng remained standing at the open door with his hand around the door handle.

When the elevator doors opened, and before Xu Wennuan could take another step, Lu Bancheng suddenly called out her name. “Nuannuan,” he said.

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