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Season 9

Episode 12

(Yusheng’s Proposal (6)

She subconsciously had taken a step back when he had knelt down. Subsequently, Wu Hao had held an intricate diamond ring in his hands.

It had been snowing heavily that day and the entire world was white. A thin layer of white had covered Wu Hao’s head and shoulders.

He had looked up at her with his bright eyes full of emotion. “Nuannuan, I love you. Will you marry me?”


Xu Wennuan sat in the bar and as she recalled Wu Hao’s proposal. She turned her gaze away from the window and stared at the wine glass in front of her. Her long eyelashes fluttered slightly, and a tear fell into the glass, sending ripples across the surface of the wine.

She raised her hand and pressed on the corner of her stinging eyes before lifting the glass of wine before her. Without batting an eyelid, she drank the entire glass, lifted the wine bottle up, and filled her glass and drank again.

Xu Wennuan did not know how much alcohol she had drunk. She only knew that, at the end, she felt as if her entire body was floating.

She exited the bar in a state of drunken stupor. The cold winter breeze blew in her face, clearing her head slightly. She staggered and made her way to the side of the road.

She had forgotten where she was but noted that it was a district with shops. She squatted by the road like a fool and waited for a very long time for a taxi, but not a single one drove by.

As the effect of the alcohol became more extreme, her brain felt increasingly heavy and groggy. She wanted to stand up but her entire body felt drained of strength. Several people passed by her, and the occasional man would steal a few glances at her. Some even walked up to her and asked, “Miss, do you need help?”

Xu Wennuan waved them off with her hand with much difficulty. Without speaking, she buried her face in her knees. She continued to sit there for some time in the chilling winter. When she was certain that she was inebriated, she dug out her cell phone from her purse with trembling fingers.

She could not see the screen clearly and randomly tapped on it for some time before she eventually managed to enter a phone number. After several rings, the call was answered by a familiar voice. “Nuannuan?”

Xu Wennuan racked her brains but could not figure out who had answered. Subsequently, she muttered, “Could you come and pick me up?”

“Nuannuan, where are you?”

“I’m at a bar,” Xu Wennuan replied softly, with the last shred of consciousness she had left.

“Which bar?”

“Houhai—” Xu Wennuan responded but, before she could finish reading out the name of the bar, she abruptly interrupted herself, “Wu Hao…”

The other end of the phone went completely silent.

Being delirious from the influence of alcohol, Xu Wennuan was completely engrossed in her own thoughts and continued to mumble to herself, “Wu Hao, I’m so cold… Wu Hao…”

The phone call had suddenly gone dead, and a beeping tone sounded off continuously; however, Xu Wennuan was completely unaware and continued talking even though no one was on the other end of the line.


“Bancheng, why are you hiding here?”

Lu Bancheng returned to his senses and turned around to look at who was approaching. Flashing a faint smile, he stuffed the phone in his hands back into his pockets.

“Let’s go. Let’s head inside,” the person said.

Lu Bancheng stared at the busy road ahead for a short while before he apologized to the other person. “I’m sorry, I have some other matters to attend to, so I need to take off.”

Right after, he returned to his suite, grabbed his jacket, and left.

Lu Bancheng parked his car in a parking lot near Houhai, hurriedly got out of the car, and dashed to the bar.


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