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Season 8

Episode 91

(The Child of Yusheng and Zhi’ai (1)

He had first realized that he had inappropriate feelings for Xu Wennuan at a gathering before the end of the year. When he had been coming out of the restroom, he coincidentally had seen Wu Hao pressing her against the wall of the corridor and kissing her deeply and furiously.

The sound of his footsteps had disturbed them, and Wu Hao had turned his head to see who was approaching. With a calm look, he had greeted him. “Bancheng.” Xu Wennuan’s face had turned red with embarrassment as she had lowered her eyes to avoid looking at him. After he had walked past them, he had clearly heard her mutter softly to Wu Hao how embarrassed she was, right after which Lu Bancheng had heard the steamy sound of kissing recommence behind him.

Later that night, Lu Bancheng had drunk a lot of alcohol. When he had gotten home, he had squatted in front of the toilet bowl and thrown up, creating a mess. He then had laid down on his bed, with his head aching but unable to shut his eyes. The image of Xu Wennuan kissing Wu Hao had lingered before him, making his head hurt worse.

Subsequently, his thoughts had become rampant, growing like weeds in his heart. It was Wu Hao’s unfaithfulness that had allowed them to spread. Unfaithfulness was not uncommon in current society, and the majority of his business partners had many lovers while their wives were kept in the dark. But when this had happened to Wu Hao, the first thought in his mind was fury and heartache.

He had been furious with Wu Hao, and his heart had ached for Xu Wennuan. He had known too well that he had thought that way merely because of his own selfish desires. He had already admitted to himself that he was being immoral. He had obviously been an outsider, but he had kept wanting to step in to become the main lead.

Even on that day when she had mentioned to him that she was in trouble while they were playing the game, Lu Bancheng had called Xu Wennuan and then rushed over to pick her up at the Public Security Bureau. That had been the first time in his life that he had played the knight in shining armor who rescued the damsel in distress, and he had intended to continue to play the part.

They had gotten to know each other so well, though, that he had no excuse. That day that Wu Hao had asked him to help take care of her, Lu Bancheng had felt renewed hope in his life. Without any hesitation, he had agreed and begun to head over to her place proactively every day. When he had started noticing that she had been feeling down, his heart had ached, but all he could do was stay by her side, and that alone made him happy.

This painful yet happy period of time passed quickly and, within the blink of an eye, she had gone to meet Wu Hao.

Ten years’ worth of time… I am not confident enough to challenge that. Even if I were extremely confident, I don’t think I can defeat a decade…

As these thoughts crossed his mind, a sudden stuffy, heavy sensation filled Lu Bancheng’s chest and a sense of anxiety swept over him. He sighed heavily and leaned onto the steering wheel. He could clearly feel his palms sweating as he waited for the outcome after her meeting with Wu Hao.

The cafe had been in business since their days back in high school. Back then, Wu Hao and Xu Wennuan had visited it almost every day. Even after so many years, the woman who ran it still recognize both of them upon seeing them. Without waiting for them to look at the drinks menu, she asked, “Mr. Wu, Miss Xu, do you want your two cappuccinos?”

Wu Hao nodded his head lightly. When served, both cappuccinos had an edible red heart decoration resting on the foam, just like they had been served back then.

Xu Wennuan stared at the heart. When she and Qin Zhi’ai had been drinking coffee here once, Wu Hao had place a cappuccino in front of her and, disregarding all the other students staring at them, pointed straight at the red heart and said to her, “This is my heart. I’m giving my heart to you now.”



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