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Season 8

Episode 83

(The Beautiful Mountains and Rivers Will Protect You (13)

“Zero Degrees” had not been online on the game site for six weeks, so she was shocked to see him suddenly online. She tried to get him to play a game with her, but he turned her down.

What… Did he press the wrong button?

Xu Wennuan frowned. She again tried to get him to play a game with her and got another rejection.

What’s wrong?

Xu Wennuan clicked the friends list on the game and sent “Zero Degrees” a “hello,” but he didn’t respond. She finally shrugged, entered a game, and quickly lost. She restarted and dragged his icon into her game, but when the game loaded his status was shown as unavailable. She lost that game even more quickly.

Not wanting to play anymore, she put her cell phone on the table and picked up her coffee. After taking a sip, someone walked up to her desk and asked softly before she could swallow her coffee, “Hey, what a coincidence, Xu Wennuan.”

Xu Wennuan stopped swallowing and, after a moment of shock, looked up at Jiang Qianqian, who wore a loose shirt that clearly showed off her bump underneath—Wu Hao’s baby. Xu Wennuan stared at Jiang Qianqian’s belly, unable to move her eyes away from it until Jiang Qianqian spoke up again. “Are you by yourself? Can I talk to you?” Jiang Qianqian sat down across from Xu Wennuan before Xu Wennuan could reply.

Jiang Qianqian waved her hand to call the waitress over. She said with a smile, “Hi, can you get me a glass of freshly pressed juice. No ice, thank you.”

“Sure, Miss,” the waitress said. The two women remained silent while waiting for the juice. After the waitress brought it to the table, Jiang Qianqian picked up the glass and took a sip through the straw before she turned to look at Xu Wennuan.

“I am five months pregnant. The baby is far along now and can’t be aborted at this stage. And I want to continue carrying it. But a child must have a father, Xu Wennuan. I will agree to whatever it is you want as long as you will leave Wu Hao for good. No matter what you want, I will agree.”

Xu Wennuan had witnessed a wife force a pregnant mistress to leave her husband, but she had never seen a mistress use a pregnancy to force the wife out of the marriage. She had to hold in her laughter while looking at Jiang Qianqian in disbelief. She pulled out a large bill from her wallet to cover their drinks and a tip and put it on the table. She then grabbed her cell phone and purse and stood up to leave.

Worried that Xu Wennuan was leaving, Jiang Qianqian also stood up and blocked Xu Wennuan’s way. “Please! I’m begging you for the sake of the baby inside me. Can you please leave Wu Hao? I love him. I think he loves me, too; otherwise, he would not have dated me.”


Xu Wennuan would not have become so angry if Jiang Qianqian had not talked about her feelings, but once Jiang Qianqian brought up love, Xu Wennuan felt the fire in her. She was so angry that she could not talk. She couldn’t look at Jiang Qianqian, either. She walked around Jiang Qianqian and left the cafĂ©.

Jiang Qianqian followed after her and kept talking to her. “Xu Wennuan, tell me what you want. There must be something you want. Please give Wu Hao to me. Do you want my baby to have no father once he’s born? Xu Wennuan…”

Xu Wennuan had almost made it to the elevator when she suddenly stopped, turned around, and said, “Wu Hao made you pregnant, not me. Why are asking for your baby’s father from me? You should go see Wu Hao. If he wants to be your baby’s father, how would I stop him? I am telling you, Jiang Qianqian, you have no standing in the relationship between Wu Hao and me. So, please stop following me, okay?”



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