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Season 8

Episode 71

(The Beautiful Mountains and Rivers Will Protect You (1)

After Nanny Zhang sent Qin Zhi’ai out of the room, she remained in the corridor watching her until she disappeared around a corner before going back in.


Old Master Gu regained full consciousness around 8:30 p.m. After an examination, the doctor recommended that he remain in the hospital for two days.

After the doctor left, Nanny Zhang served Old Master Gu his dinner. She filled a glass with water for him and, after some hesitation, she could not help but say, “Old Master, I was frightened silly when I saw you burning up last night and gave Young Master a call.”

“Young Master is on a business trip, so it was Miss Qin who answered the phone. She came to the hospital last night and took care of you the entire night and only left this morning. She was also the one who instructed Young Master’s housekeeper to prepare breakfast and deliver it here…”

As Nanny Zhang spoke, she watched Old Master’s face for any signs of distress before continuing. “Miss Qin said that she only came in after she saw that you had fallen asleep last night… I think that the reason why she came after you fell asleep and then left before you woke up is because she knows that you’re not fond of her. She was afraid that you would find her an eyesore and get so angry that your condition might be aggravated, so she handled it that way to avoid upsetting you.”

Old Master Gu frowned but said nothing. Nanny Zhang dared not continue speaking. She waited until Old Master Gu had finished rinsing his mouth before she took the glass and went to the bathroom.

When Nanny Zhang emerged, she saw Old Master Gu leaning against the headboard and staring out the window. There was a look of deep contemplation on his face, but she had no idea what he might have been thinking.


Old Master Gu ended up staying in the hospital for three days, and Qin Zhi’ai visited him all three nights.

During the third morning, Old Master Gu woke up before dawn. Qin Zhi’ai, who was sitting by the bed and using her phone, immediately lifted her head when she detected movement. When her eyes met those of Old Master Gu, she grew nervous. “Grandfather, you’re awake?”

Qin Zhi’ai initially thought that Old Master Gu would either question why she was there or ignore her as usual, but he unexpectedly answered “hmm” after staring at her for a while. He then struggled to sit up, and Qin Zhi’ai reached out to help him.

She knew that he didn’t like talking to her and, upon noting his silence, she followed suit and remained quiet by his side. The atmosphere was inevitably awkward, so to soothe the nervousness in her heart, Qin Zhi’ai washed two apples, peeled them, and placed them in a glass bowl after cutting them into little pieces. She then stuck a toothpick into one piece and handed it to Old Master Gu. “Grandfather, have some fruit.”

Old Master Gu first looked at Qin Zhi’ai before his gaze shifted to the pieces of apple in the bowl. He did not accept what she was offering; instead, he tilted his chin at the bedside table and said, “Place it there first.” Qin Zhi’ai did as she was told.

The room lapsed into silence again, remaining that way until Nanny Zhang appeared with breakfast not too long afterward. She tried to convince Qin Zhi’ai to stay for breakfast, but Qin Zhi’ai came up with an excuse and left.

After Nanny Zhang returned from sending Qin Zhi’ai off, she helped Old Master Gu lay out his breakfast, which was homemade and particularly sumptuous. Old Master Gu, however, seemed to be lacking an appetite, as he pointed at the bowl containing the apple pieces and signaled Nanny Zhang to hand it to him.

Why is he eating fruit this early in the morning?

Nanny Zhang wanted to advise Old Master Gu to eat some porridge, but she handed him the apples instead when he pulled a long face at her. With a fork, Old Master Gu ate every piece of apple in the bowl.


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