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Season 8

Episode 65

(What a Great Drama (15)

Gu Yusheng reacted instantaneously and pulled Qin Zhi’ai into his embrace as the purse Liang Doukou threw hit his back. Despite her purse being as empty as her threats, and her pitch being weak, Gu Yusheng groaned dramatically before he swiftly raised his hand and stuffed something into Qin Zhi’ai’s mouth. His movements were so quick that, by the time Qin Zhi’ai’s expression changed, her eyes were already brimming with tears.

Gu Yusheng… He… He shoved wasabi in my mouth!

It was so hot that Qin Zhi’ai, whose tears were now involuntarily streaming down her cheeks, glared at Gu Yusheng. Before she could ask him what he was doing, Gu Yusheng acted first by jabbing the back of her waist, forcing her to remain silent.

When do you want to show that you’ve been wronged if not now?

Shortly after, Gu Yusheng planted an anxious look on his face and raised his hand to wipe away the tears on her face while comforting her. “Xiao’ai, I know that you feel wronged, but it’s not your fault, so why are you crying? Besides, she didn’t manage to hit you just now, did she?”

“I…” Qin Zhi’ai had just managed to say a word when Gu Yusheng gave her waist another two jabs. The ticklish feeling made her voice crack while she tried to finish speaking and, because of her crying, the others did not clearly hear what she had said. Even she herself seemed to not know exactly what she had said.

Gu Yusheng, however, seemed to have heard her words clearly, as he interpreted them for everyone by answering, “I know the things that you heard just now frightened you, but think how fortunate you were to not have been drugged… Good girl… Don’t cry anymore…”

Between Qin Zhi’ai’s crying and Gu Yusheng’s coaxing, Liang Doukou was driven over the edge. “Why are you acting like this? If not for you, would I be in such a sorry state right now? No! It’s all your fault!”

Qin Zhi’ai’s wasabi-induced tears continued flowing uncontrollably; however, the others continued to believe she was reacting to the shock wrought by Liang Doukou.

Even though Old Master Gu did not acknowledge Qin Zhi’ai, some relatives from the Gu family could not hold back. “Talk things through properly if there’s something you need to discuss. How can you resort to violence?” one of them said.

“Exactly, nobody here is dumb or deaf. We all very clearly heard what Miss Liang said in the room earlier. How did it suddenly become somebody else’s fault?” another person added.

While everyone was offering their opinions, Qin Zhi’ai did not speak at all; however, Gu Yusheng acted like she had said something. As he caressed her hair, he spoke to her sympathetically. “I understand you’re afraid that the baby inside of you may not have survived had you actually been drugged…”

Gu Yusheng deliberately emphasized the words “baby” and “may not have survived.” He even glanced at Old Master Gu from the corner of his eye. As he anticipated, Old Master Gu’s initially indiscernible expression changed as the light in his eyes seemed to darken even more when he heard those words.

“Exactly, there’s even a baby in her tummy! How could she have done something so cruel?”

“If the plan had actually worked, wouldn’t there have been two fatalities?”

“She’s a straight-up sinner! How did the Liang family raise such a daughter?”

Liang Doukou, who had already lost her rationality, went completely crazy when she heard everyone talking about her like that. With frightening strength, she charged at Qin Zhi’ai with the intention of pouncing on her.


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