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Season 8

Episode 64

(What a Great Drama (14)

Liang Doukou did not know that there was a group of people outside of the room, and she continued to rattle on ceaselessly. “I’d initially thought that, by showing a video of her sleeping with another man, Old Master Gu and Gu Yusheng would abandon her. I never dreamt I would have screwed myself over and, worse, lost everything I’ve gained in the process…”

“…Oh right, Zhou Jing. You said that after you entered room 1302, you changed completely. Could it be that you consumed the drug we’d prepared for that bitch?

“…But that attendant accepted our money. She said she could get the drug, and she agreed to drug the bitch. That attendant is the problem! I’m going to find her right now and get to the bottom of this!”

Subsequently, the crisp click of stilettoes could be heard walking up to the door, which Liang Doukou suddenly yanked open. As she furiously took one stomp through the threshold, she froze, as if someone had tapped on her meridian points. Staring at the group in front of her, in that instant, Liang Doukou felt the silence and stillness of her life vanishing from the world. Her rage and urge to settle matters with the attendant also disappeared in that instant, and the entire hallway became eerie.

The deathly pale Liang Doukou stood there for a moment before finally saying in a trembling, soft voice, “Grandpa… Gu… Grandpa Gu… Dad… Mom… You… All of you… All of you…”

All of you, why are you here?

All of you, why are you here?

She repeated the words “all of you” several times out loud but could not manage to finish the question. Eventually, she bit her lower lip while her eyes remained confused and frantic.

The atmosphere became even more eerie as the faces of Old Master Gu and Old Master Liang became frighteningly dark. Mother Liang, secretly glancing at Old Master Gu, attempted to relieve the tension by dry-laughing and explaining, “This… Perhaps this is a misunderstanding… A misunderstanding…”

“A misunderstanding?” Gu Yusheng appeared as if he had just heard an extremely funny joke, and he chuckled before his tone became exceptionally sharp. “Is it a misunderstanding that she treated my grandfather’s birthday as a stage for her antics? Or is it actually a misunderstanding when all respectable families in Beijing are aware that my wife was drugged and in bed with another man such that they are pointing fingers behind the back of the Gu family?”

Hanging her head, Mother Liang could not think of a single word to say to Gu Yusheng. The dazed Liang Doukou finally managed to regain some of her senses after moving her eyes to take in the scene around her.

Everyone had heard everything that she had said to Zhou Jing in the room. All the trust and love she had developed with Old Master Gu throughout her entire life was instantly gone. And in that same instant, she had officially become the outcast of her own family. Along with her image having been ruined, so had the love and respect that she had enjoyed among her family members and their close friends.

Panic had slowly surfaced across Liang Doukou’s face, which was now changing into a furious scowl.

It’s her! It’s all her fault!

If not for her, my life wouldn’t be destroyed!

In a manic state, Liang Doukou lifted her head abruptly, glared at Qin Zhi’ai darkly, and spewed, “It was you! It was you! You framed me, didn’t you? You called Grandpa and everyone else to come up here, didn’t you?”

Liang Doukou was on the brink of a complete breakdown. With all her strength, she spontaneously lurched for Qin Zhi’ai and let out a blood-curdling scream.



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