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Season 8

Episode 63

(What a Great Drama (13)

“Exactly, that was a lot of rage. Did something happen?” Liang Doukou’s third aunt asked.

“I’ll go look…” Mother Liang also felt perplexed as she rushed toward the door, but before she had taken her second step, Liang Doukou’s voice came again. “Didn’t you say that all proper arrangements had been made? Why is it that the woman on the big screen wasn’t that little slut but you instead? Zhou Jing, what the hell were you thinking?”

The line of people in the hallway halted their footsteps in unison as they gazed questioningly at the half-open door. Even Mother Liang, who wanted to move forward and close the door, remained rooted to the carpet, as though she were stupefied by her daughter’s words.

The sound of a spectacular shattering was suddenly heard coming from the room and, following that, Liang Doukou screamed again in anger, “Do you know that I was almost ruined today because of you? My manager created a horrific scene at Grandpa Gu’s birthday party! Great! How do I hold my head up in front of the Gu family? Any clever ideas for that?”

The expressions of everyone in the hallway changed. Mother Liang, who now suspected what had happened, returned to her senses. She wanted to rush to the door to stop her daughter from airing her grievances inside the room before everyone in the hallway realized what was going on. Gu Yusheng, however, had already predicted what she was going to do, and he suddenly extended his arm in front of her and said in a low voice, “Mother Liang, I think that there are some things that both Grandpa Liang and my Grandpa would like to know about.” He then glanced at Old Master Gu and Old Master Liang.

Because Liang Doukou was a daughter of the Liang family, Old Master Gu avoided nodding and stared straight ahead without any expression on his face. Old Master Liang gave Mother Liang a look, signaling her to be silent to avoid alerting the people in the room of their presence. It was only then that Gu Yusheng drew back his arm.

“Thank God my mom reacted quickly, lecturing me in front of so many people during that crucial moment. My playing along with her prevented things from getting worse. Zhou Jing, tell me: what exactly is going on here? How is it that we haven’t achieved our goal after scheming for so long and so carefully? How is it that we’ve implicated ourselves so carelessly?”

Zhou Jing, who had not said a word since people started gathering outside the door, finally spoke. Her voice was somewhat weak as she said, “I don’t know. I don’t know how the problems started arising. That attendant told me that the body double was in room 1302, but the room was empty when I brought in Mr. Yang—she wasn’t even inside. And I… I initially wanted to leave, but I suddenly lost all my strength and felt hot all over… When Mr. Yang didn’t see anyone else in the bedroom, he came out to scold me for making a fool out of him, but then I inexplicably threw myself at him, completely unable to control myself…”

In an uneven voice with a hint of fear, Liang Doukou interrupted. “Needless to say, something went wrong. You have no idea how scared I was. When I heard other people saying that you were the person in the video, I thought that I must have heard wrong or lost my mind but, when I turned around and saw her sitting beside Gu Yusheng, I was instantly flabbergasted. Have you any idea how I felt?”

Saw her sitting beside Gu Yusheng… Upon hearing those words, the group in the hallway instantly understood who Liang Doukou was referring to when she said “that little slut.” Without exception, everyone turned around to look at Qin Zhi’ai.


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