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Season 8

Episode 60

(What a Great Drama (10)

That plump woman would never let her off. She carelessly rubbed on the elbow that was bitten and then dashed toward Zhou Jing, who stumbled along for a few steps before the furious woman, having caught up with her, gave her a vicious kick to her back, which sent Zhou Jing falling flat to the ground. Subsequently, the woman bolted forward a few steps and began to curse as she stomped straight on Zhou Jing’s head, screaming, “How dare you sleep with my man! I’ll beat you to death, you little bitch! F*ck you!”

Piercing through the echoes of the woman’s tirade, the sounds of Zhou Jing’s tragic cries pierced the hall. After a long time, the security guards finally arrived and attempted to hold back the woman attacking Zhou Jing, but her fury had accumulated after decades of resentment and injustice as a rural citizen; suddenly faced with the opportunity to vent her grievances, the woman’s physical strength was unleashed, and the security guards failed to get close to her, much less restrain her.

As the ruckus continued, she seemed to slowly drain of energy until finally, panting heavily, she took a step back and glared viciously at Zhou Jing, who was lying flat on the floor and barely alive. As if she was still not appeased, the woman scanned left and right, grabbed a chair, and smashed it viciously onto Zhou Jing’s body. A blood-curdling shriek filled the hall. Afraid of fatalities at this point, the security guards ran forth again, and they all grabbed the plump woman’s elbow.

“You cursed whore! Don’t ever let me run into you again. If I do, I’ll beat you every time I see you! I swear I’ll rip your head off…” As the woman was finally being restrained, her words became more outrageous. Just before the guards forcibly removed her, she managed to land two more hard kicks to Zhou Jing’s face. Once she was gone, the hall plunged into an awkward silence.

When the plump woman had dragged her downstairs, Zhou Jing had only been wrapped in a bedsheet. Earlier, when she had been punched and kicked, the bedsheet had been torn to shreds, draping across her body without covering it up.

Zhou Jing’s condition was critical as she lay flat on the ground. Across her entire body, beyond the bruises and bloodstains from having been beaten earlier, marks from her lovemaking made for an equally shocking sight. Some guests even took out their cell phones and ruthlessly began to take photographs.

Because everyone had witnessed that Zhou Jing was at fault, moments passed before anyone began to tend to her condition. One guest finally called out, “Attendant! Escort her upstairs quickly!” The hotel manager finally regained his senses and yelled for two security guards to get Zhou Jing into the elevator and escort her upstairs.

After such a farcical, insulting series of events, Old Master Gu was in no mood to celebrate his birthday anymore. Without saying a word, he stood up and approached the elevator with the support of his cane.

The guests knew that upon the host leaving, they needed to take their leave, as well. Offering their well wishes, Gu Yusheng had lost count of the number of guests he had said goodbye to. Upon returning to the grand hall, he saw that only a few acquaintances were lingering: some extended relatives of the Gu family, Xiaowang, Lu Bancheng, and the Liang family.

As he was some distance away from them, Gu Yusheng did not know what Liang Doukou was saying to Old Master Liang at the elevator but, judging from her expression, she seemed to be saying goodbye.


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