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Season 8

Episode 59

(What a Great Drama (9)

After the man made the hotel’s announcement and walked off the stage, a guest in the audience attempted to lighten up the atmosphere. “Since we’ve had someone sing a song for Mr. Gu’s birthday, I would like to sing one, too.”

“Yes, please.” Everyone welcomed another song to restore normalcy, so they all applauded and cheered. The man who offered to sing walked onto the stage and picked up the microphone but, before he could begin, a loud, unintelligible growl came from one of the tables toward the back of the hall.

Everyone turned to look toward where the noise had come from. An angry, chubby woman was standing up at a back-row table on the left. Although she wore an evening gown and makeup, she still looked like a woman from the country, with rough, sun-damaged skin as if she was a farmer.

The guests at Old Master Gu’s birthday were at least wealthy people, if not also powerful. As the guests looked at the woman, they all had shocked expressions. Someone even stood up and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the wife of Mr. Yang you people are talking about!” The woman kicked her chair backwards, lifted up her dress to expose her thick, strong legs, and rushed to the elevator.

“Mr. Yang’s wife? Isn’t Mr. Yang single? When did he get married?” someone shouted.

The woman stopped, turned, and said loudly, “You did not know he was married? I’ve been married to him for 10 years. He was a poor man with nothing when I married him. He came out here to look for opportunities while I continued to farm and take care of his parents and son at home.”

The woman became angrier as she talked. She cursed as she walked into the elevator and then turned around and exclaimed, “He doesn’t know how to appreciate me, and he cheated on me! That little bitch dared to seduce my man! I will show her who I am today!” The elevator door shut, cutting her off.

When the elevator door opened again, a painful screaming came from inside, while the crowd in the hall tried comprehending what was happening. The woman who had claimed to be Mr. Yang’s wife walked angrily out of the elevator dragging a woman in disheveled clothes by the hair. In the middle of a large gathering crowd, she pulled the woman’s hair aside and exposed her face for all to see.

“Bitch, where do you think you’re running to? Weren’t you all sexy and slutty when you were f*cking my husband? Why do you want to hide your face now? Everyone saw your porn video. Where do you think you’re running to? Let everyone see what you look like!”

The woman slapped Zhou Jing several times as she raged. Zhou Jing’s head would become fuzzy for several moments every time she was hit, but she continued to struggle to get out of the woman’s grip. This led to an even worse predicament, as the woman grabbed her hair tighter and slapped her two more times. Having worked on a farm all her life, the woman was as strong as any man, and the proof was evident based on Zhou Jing’s beet red and swollen face.

Zhou Jing was seriously injured at this point, and she was becoming weaker the more she struggled to try to escape. She instinctually bit into the woman’s meaty arm without considering the consequences.

“You dare to bite me?” the women screamed from the bottom of her lungs, subconsciously letting go of Zhou Jing’s hair because of the intense pain.

Zhou Jing desperately crawled away from the woman without caring about how terrifying she looked in front of all the guests.




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