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Season 8

Episode 58

(What a Great Drama (8)

Didn’t Qin Zhi’ai head upstairs? Wasn’t she drugged?

Since when did she return to the banquet hall in one piece and sit next to Gu Yusheng?

A series of questions ran through Liang Doukou’s mind, and her body began to tremble slightly.

The couple on the screen began to increase in intensity, as the woman’s lips made her way down his chest, rested on his lower abdomen, and then kissed their way farther down.

The discussion in the hall intensified.

“Holy sh*t, I can’t unsee this!”

“This is 10 times more exciting than a god-damned action film!”

“Oh my, isn’t that Mr. Yang from Yang Yi Investments in the video?”

“Yes! Yes! That’s the chairman, Mr. Yang!”

“How did Mr. Yang and Ms. Liang’s manager hook up? Didn’t Ms. Liang have a secret meeting with Mr. Yang in the middle of the night at a hotel some time ago? The photos were even leaked.”

“Chairman Yang is one of the more generous investors in the film industry. Could it be possible that both Ms. Liang and her manager were made to pleasure him for the sake of a film?”

Liang Doukou trembled as she listened to the gossip of the people all around her. Subconsciously, she looked in the direction of the Liang family, where she witnessed their expressions turning increasingly dark, undoubtedly because they were aware of the rumors.

Liang Doukou had clearly wanted Qin Zhi’ai to be humiliated; she had never expected that she herself would be the one humiliated in the end.

Following her most recent scandal, she had been seriously lectured by various members of her family. They all emphasized that If anything else were to question her reputation, her mother would be likely implicated and would never be able to hold her head up again.

This video must be turned off immediately.

If someone finds out that Mr. Yang and Zhou Jing conducted this depraved activity in a room at the Peking Hotel, Old Master Gu will be horrified, if not destroyed!

And as my manager, Zhou Jing’s shameful reputation can easily become mine by association…

As these thoughts crossed her mind, Liang Doukou forced herself to suppress a panic attack, but before she could get someone’s attention to cut the video, someone exclaimed loudly, “Isn’t that a room here at the Peking Hotel?”

Almost everyone present had at some time attended an overnight event at the Peking Hotel and now everyone began to take note of the room’s furnishings.

“It really is the Peking Hotel!”

“It’s one of the rooms upstairs!”

“I think I’m going to faint. These two people are not in the hall right now. Could it be that they’re streaming this live?”

“Isn’t the main point of this the fact that this god-damned hotel is infested with cameras?”

As questions and opinions filled the room, the screen turned pitch black in an instant. The attendant had finally found an employee in the facilities room to turn off the projector’s power source.

The hotel had already prepared a formal explanation to address the horrendous episode the guests had just been subjected to. A man in a black suit quickly walked onto the stage with an apologetic look on his face.

“We apologize for this outrageous incident. Upon investigation, we have verified that the incident had been taking place in room 1302. The technical team is still identifying the cause of the video being played on the screen here in the hall. At the same time, we would like to clarify that the hotel does not install any recording devices in any guest rooms. We have notified the police with regard to this incident, and we will definitely give a clear account when all investigation has been completed. Once again, I would like to express our sincerest apologies.”


  1. It serves u right wicked pple

  2. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu12 October 2020 at 07:16

    Wow! I'm so, so happy. The pit they dug for Qin Zhi'ai did trap her. They are the ones that fell into it. I so much like this kind of luck that Qin Zhi'ai has.



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