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Season 8

Episode 57

(What a Great Drama (7)

The women all blushed and lowered their heads when they heard it. Some men even looked away from the screen to show some respect, whereas other men watched it with disdainful looks.

The woman on the screen started to moan again, which Liang Doukou took as a sudden cue to lower her head in shame and hurry off the stage. She pushed the microphone into the hands of the shocked attendant at the bottom of the steps and then stomped and scolded, “What happened? Who is so disgusting as to make videos like this? Hurry up and turn it off!” The attendant recovered from her shock and immediately ran toward the equipment room.

Liang Doukou, already struggling with her dramatic role, now had to point out who the woman was in the video. As she turned around to look at the video again, preparing to identify the woman, someone in the crowd exclaimed, “Huh? That woman looks familiar! I think I know her!”

“You’re right,” someone else said. “I think I know her, too. In fact, I saw her not too long ago.”

Seconds later, someone asked Liang Doukou, “Miss Liang, isn’t she your manager?”

“You’re right! I remember now. Her name is Zhou Jing. She sat across the table from me tonight!”

“That is Miss Liang’s manager. Doesn’t she know how to act like a lady? Why would she do something so shameful?”

With all the commotion bellowing throughout the hall, Liang Doukou’s mind began to reel.

What are they talking about? Did I mishear? How could it be Zhou Jing?

Liang Doukou shook her head hard and forced herself to focus on the screen and not be distracted by the guests’ comments. She saw a woman’s bare back at first, and then the two people on the screen changed positions, revealing the woman’s face, which had heat rashes from having rubbed on the bed. She then slightly opened her mouth in ecstasy. With only a glance at the necklace on her neck, Liang Doukou knew the woman with the man on the screen was Zhou Jing, not Qin Zhi’ai.

How could this happen?

Liang Doukou’s eyes opened as wide as saucers, and she stared frozen at the screen for 30 seconds. Then, with a woman’s sixth sense, she slowly turned to look at Old Master Gu’s table. Shame had washed over his face, and Gu Yusheng, sitting next to his grandfather, also appeared extremely dour.

Liang Doukou stared at Gu Yusheng’s face for a few seconds before she looked down at the table, where his hand was holding a petite, soft hand. She suddenly held her breath and avoided looking at the woman sitting next to Gu Yusheng. Her body stiffened for a moment before she plucked her courage to look from the delicate hand upward along her arm. Then, she saw Qin Zhi’ai’s beautiful face.


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