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Season 8

Episode 56

(What a Great Drama (6)

Liang Doukou looked quizzically at the attendant who was standing nearby. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“My apologies. Let me take a look now.” The confused attendant shook his head before hurrying off to contact his supervisor. Shortly after he had rushed off, however, the screen behind Liang Doukou turned on once again, and the melodious music was replaced by the heart-racing sounds of panting and moaning.

The original commotion in the hall that resulted from the faulty sound system quieted down to the state of frozen in time. Everyone turned simultaneously toward the huge screen, including the attendant who was on his way to his supervisor.

On the screen was a nude couple who were passionately entangled together on the bed. The high-definition video was so clear that every blemish on their bodies was enhanced. The two of them had been intimate for some time, as the man’s back was covered with sweat.

While the man continuously pumped in and out of her, the woman beneath him, seemingly unsatisfied, continuously urged him on. “Harder… More forceful… Yes, argh… Please, faster…”

The man finally satisfied her, as announced by her excited shrieks, shocking at least half of the audience back to reality. “Oh my god, what the hell is going on? Why are they playing such lewd videos here out of the blue?”

A mother, who was with her child, complained softly before raising her hands to cover her child’s eyes and ears.

“Yeah, why would they play such a video?”

“This is so revolting…”

A series of complaints erupted one after another until eventually, other than the increasingly happy-sounding moans from the woman in the video, the whispers of the guests filled up the hall.

To pull off a realistic show, Liang Doukou pretended to be dumbfounded after hearing the moans of pleasure and froze innocently on the stage.

After the crowd’s displeasure grew increasingly louder, she shivered and pretended to finally regain her senses. With a blank look on her face, she turned and looked at the screen behind her.

Upon seeing the two entangled bodies, Liang Doukou’s face immediately took on a look of embarrassment. Turning around, she hung her head.

The scenario continued to play on in the video, recapturing the attention of the crowd as the man continued to pump in and out of the woman while she shrieked. Eventually, they both had extensive orgasms before collapsing limply on the bed.

In less than a minute, the woman lazily hooked her leg around the man’s waist and began to plant kisses on his chest as she grabbed his hands and placed them on her own body.

Still recovering from exertion, the man was slow to show interest as his hands didn’t move on their own. But herself not satisfied, the woman continued to seduce him. With hastened breathing and unabashedly, she begged, “I want it. Give it to me. I want it. Now…”

The woman pushed the man down onto the bed and flipped over. Riding on top of him, she continued to ask him for it.

“F*ck. This woman is proactive!” some insensitive man casually blurted into the silence.


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