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Season 8

Episode 54

(What a Great Drama (4)

After the attendant was some distance away, Zhou Jing placed her half-finished glass of water on the table and then lifted her plate up, casually retrieving a room card that was hidden underneath it. She slipped it into her pocket before taking out her cell phone and typing a message to Mr. Yang. “Mr. Yang, room #1302.”

Afraid that Mr. Yang would ignore her message, she added three words and sent the message. “A good deal.”

Within five minutes, Zhou Jing’s phone buzzed. It was Mr. Yang replying, “Okay.”

Zhou Jing did not respond to his message and merely lifted her glass of water and pretended to take a sip while she looked in the direction of the elevator. After she saw Mr. Yang enter it, she finished her glass of water and sent another message: “We can take action in 20 minutes.” Upon receiving Liang Doukou’s confirmation, Zhou Jing grabbed her purse and rose from her seat. Pretending at first to be heading to the restroom, she made one big round of the hall before getting into the elevator.

Upon exiting upstairs, Zhou Jing immediately saw Mr. Yang in the hallway. With all smiles on her face, she approached him and said pleasantly, “Mr. Yang.”

“What’s up?” Being perverted by nature and under the influence of alcohol, Mr. Yang had eagerly taken her text with a room number as an invitation.

“Mr. Yang, what’s the hurry? Are you anxious to get into the room?” Zhou Jing waved the room card in her hand and took the lead to walk toward room 1302. As Zhou Jing swiped the room card, she felt a hot sensation course through her body, a sign she was excited about what was about to take place.

Pushing the door open, she let Mr. Yang enter the room first before following suit. Closing the door behind her, she pointed in the direction of the bedroom and said, “Mr. Yang, the gift that I would like to present to you is in there.”


After receiving Zhou Jing’s text, Liang Doukou had been checking her phone frequently. After having waited for 20 minutes, she rose from her seat and walked over to the center table.

Gu Yusheng was nowhere to be seen, and Old Master Gu was surrounded by a group of people who were toasting to him.

Liang Doukou stood beside her father, offering a few words of concern about the overwhelming crowd. When the group around Old Master Gu had dissipated, she immediately walked up to Old Master Gu and clung onto his elbow coquettishly. “Grandpa Gu, happy birthday.”

Although Old Master Gu had overheard Gu Yusheng’s and Qin Zhi’ai’s conversation at the Gu Mansion that day, he still smiled at Liang Doukou and acknowledged her. “Xiaokou.”

From his seat, Old Master Liang gestured at Liang Doukou, stating, “Old Mate Gu, many a time, I’ve felt that this granddaughter of mine belongs to you instead of me.”

Liang Doukou pretended to be angry and, pouting her lips, said, “Grandpa, what nonsense are you saying?” Looking at Old Master Liang and then at Old Master Gu, she said sweetly, “I love Grandpa and I also love Grandpa Gu. I love both grandpas equally.” Both Old Master Gu and Old Master Liang laughed heartily.

Liang Doukou kept both elderly men company and chatted cheekily with them until her racing heart told her it was almost time. She announced, “Grandpa Gu, today is your 80th birthday, and I have specially prepared a secret gift for you!”

The interest of both Old Master Gu and Old Master Liang was instantaneously aroused.

“What other gift do you have?” Old Master Gu was the first to reply, followed by Old Master Liang. After teasing Liang Doukou for forgetting his gift, he said, “Let’s hear what you have in store?”




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