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Season 8

Episode 52

(What a Great Drama (2)

Liang Doukou turned and, with a hint of coldness in her gaze, swept one glance at Qin Zhi’ai, who was smiling brightly and greeting guests as she stood next to Gu Yusheng. A hint of mockery began to grow in her heart.

Let’s see how much longer your glory will last. In a moment, I will see to your downfall and everyone will curse you!


By the time most of the guests had arrived, it was already 11:30 a.m.

With Gu Yusheng accompanying him, Old Master Gu walked onto the stage and gave a lofty speech of civilities and announced the official start of his birthday banquet. He then sat at the center table directly in front of the stage. Apart from Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi’ai, and Nanny Zhang, five other extended family members joined them at the table. And finally, Old Master Liang, the closest of Old Master Gu’s friends, also joined the table.

As Gu Yusheng was introducing Qin Zhi’ai as his wife to his relatives, the scene became inevitably awkward as Old Master Liang was next for a proper introduction. Everyone had expected Gu Yusheng to marry Liang Doukou, but he had married someone else who was now at Old Master Gu’s family table.

The relatives were all astute individuals and, to resolve the tension, the wife of Gu Yusheng’s oldest cousin quickly smiled at Old Master Gu and said, “Old Master, your outfit is brilliant today.”

After she spoke, everyone immediately caught on and also complimented his custom-made dress; however, as Gu Yusheng had only introduced Qin Zhi’ai to them and had yet to introduce them to Qin Zhi’ai, he cleared his throat and interrupted everyone.

Not minding the earlier awkwardness, he continued to say, “Xiao’ai, let me introduce you to our closest family. This is the wife of my oldest cousin. This is my second aunt, and my third aunt here…”

As Gu Yusheng made the introductions, Qin Zhi’ai greeted them one by one. Despite the relatives still feeling awkward, they nevertheless acknowledged Qin Zhi’ai’s greetings with smiles on their faces.

Finally, Gu Yusheng introduced Old Master Liang to Qin Zhi’ai; however, after Qin Zhi’ai gently greeted Old Master Liang, he turned and started to chat with Old Master Gu as if he had not heard her.

A cold, hard expression formed on Gu Yusheng’s face, and the tension increased at the table. The family members, though, managed to smoothly redirect the conversation. Subsequently, someone raised their wine glass, and everyone approached Old Master Gu to deliver their specific well wishes. The atmosphere became harmonious once more.


Being pregnant, Qin Zhi’ai didn’t drink alcohol, so when it came time to toast, she replaced her drink with freshly squeezed fruit juice.

With one toast after another, she had drunk so much juice that her stomach became inevitably upset. The guests were almost done with toasting and, seizing a moment when no one was approaching Old Master Gu, Gu Yusheng whispered into her ear, “Are you full?”

She had not eaten much, but she was definitely full from drinking. “Mm,” Qin Zhi’ai replied softly.

“We still have a long way to go here. I’ll get someone to escort you to the guest room upstairs to take a rest. Does that sound good?”

Qin Zhi’ai spotted yet another person walking toward their table. Knowing that her stomach would be queasy even if she merely took a symbolic sip of juice, she nodded her head slightly and agreed.

As Gu Yusheng could not excuse himself, he turned and beckoned to a random attendant who was standing nearby after Qin Zhi’ai gave her consent. The attendant cast a subtle glance in Zhou Jing’s direction and, upon meeting her eyes, he quickly walked forward. “Mr. Gu.”

“Take her to the guest room upstairs to rest.” Gu Yusheng helped Qin Zhi’ai up and entrusted her to the attendant.


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