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Season 8

Episode 51

(What a Great Drama (1)

Liang Doukou did not come with her family; instead, she arrived late with Zhou Jing.

Having greeted guests at the door for more than an hour, Old Master Gu felt tired and walked back to a guest room with Nanny Zhang to take a rest. Liang Doukou and Zhou Jing had not gotten to Old Master Gu in the receiving line by the time he took his break.

As Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi’ai stood at the door, they noticed Liang Doukou and Zhou Jing getting closer and, looking at one another, silently agreed they did not want to greet them. With so many guests walking through the line, they didn’t want to be obvious and cause a stir, so as the two women approached them, Gu Yusheng pretended to not see them, subtly broke away from his greeting duties, and turned to whisper to Qin Zhi’ai, “Are you tired? Do you want to go upstairs and have a rest?”

Qin Zhi’ai had also pretended to not have seen them and said, “I’m fine.”

“How about the baby? Is little peanut behaving in your belly?”


It’s not even time for the baby to be moving around in my belly. Does he even know what he’s talking about?

“Let me know if you feel tired.” Gu Yusheng had never chatted so much, and he didn’t stop until Liang Doukou and Zhou Jing had been checked in by the staff and were preparing to enter the grand hall. Gu Yusheng held Qin Zhi’ai by her waist while he continued greeting the guests.

Liang Doukou was going to be sitting with her family, while Zhou Jing was assigned to a different table. Before they separated, Liang Doukou pulled on Zhou Jing’s sleeve and whispered in her ear, “Is everything ready?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve arranged everything. Did you see that attendant next to the host table? I gave her the pill, and she’s going to drop it in that bitch’s drink. And it’s strong! As long as she has just a drop, she won’t be able to control herself no matter how hard she tries. It’s likely she’ll become very promiscuous.”

Liang Doukou waited for some guests to completely walk by them before saying, “Who’s the guy you arranged for?”

“Mr. Yang. He took advantage of you when he circulated the photos of you, so I made him part of the plan. After the stir caused tonight, you can tell Old Master Gu that Qin Zhi’ai had an affair with Mr. Yang, and she had asked him to set you up.

“Everything is ready in the hotel room, including a high-tech needle camera. When you get my text, just pretend you’ll be singing for Old Master Gu on his birthday. When you get up on the stage, the video to your song won’t be on the screen but, instead, a livestream of that slut fooling around with Mr. Yang.”

Liang Doukou’s fully made-up face glowed after she heard what Zhou Jing had in store. “Zhou Jing, you are the best.”

“Shhh.” Zhou Jing signaled Liang Doukou to lower her voice. She then tilted her head and smiled at other guests she knew as she spoke to Liang Doukou in a low voice, “Okay. We’d better not talk about it here with so many people around. Just go take a seat at your table, and pay attention to my text.”

Liang Doukou gave Zhou Jing a sweet smile and nodded at her. After Zhou Jing left, the smile on her face started to disappear.


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