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Season 8

Episode 47

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (17)

Liang Doukou, who had been speaking angrily, suddenly sounded helpless and lowered her voice. “Zhou Jing, you have to help me.”

“She’s pregnant with Yusheng’s kid. As time goes by, Grandpa Gu will be welcoming that bitch into the family for the sake of her bastard. Zhou Jing, I know you’re smart and can come up with some ideas. If that bitch were gone, the only woman who could marry Gu Yusheng would be me. My scandal is mostly out of the news now, and I can find a good PR team later on. But if I don’t kick that bitch to the curb fast, I don’t have a chance once Grandpa Gu sees his grandchild. Zhou Jing, help me.”

Emptied now of all frustration and anger, Liang Doukou started to sob on the phone. Zhou Jing had listened to Liang Doukou without interrupting her, so after hearing sobs for a minute, she said, “There is a way.”

Zhou Jing’s words took Liang Doukou from drowning herself with tears to her eyes suddenly brightening as she said, “What’ve you got?”

“Isn’t Old Master Gu’s birthday next month?” Zhou Jing was sure of the answer before she even finished asking and continued. “I remember you telling me it would be a big party for his 80th birthday. I imagine he’ll be inviting a lot of prestigious families, and the party will be a big one. Our goal will be to coerce Qin Zhi’ai into screwing another man—and livestream it for the party guests.”

Zhou Jing paused on purpose before asking, “Do you think Old Master Gu or Gu Yusheng would continue associating with her after shaming the Gu family in such a manner?”

Liang Doukou appeared instantly renewed as she smiled with tears still on her face. “Zhou Jing, you are brilliant. You always come up with the best ideas.”

“Xiaokou, this is my job,” Zhou Jing said softly. “I will arrange everything, so don’t worry.”

Zhou Jing did not take the phone away from her ear until she heard Liang Doukou end the call. When her assistant passed Zhou Jing a cup of tea, she couldn’t help asking Zhou Jing, “Sis Zhou, didn’t you want a fresh start? I don’t understand why you’re still helping Liang Doukou after all her screw-ups.”

Zhou Jing did not immediately answer her question; instead, she smiled at her after she slowly sipped half a cup of her tea. “The scandal did hurt Liang Doukou, but she could still recover from it. We were looking for new stars to give us a backup plan, but I shouldn’t totally give up on Liang Doukou—very few people have connections as powerful as the Gus. If that poor girl would just disappear, it is possible that Liang Doukou could marry Gu Yusheng and, if that were to happen, she really could get back up and shine again.”

“Sis Zhou, you do have strategic vision,” the assistant said in an attempt to brown-nose her.

Zhou Jing smiled, looked down, and sipped her tea, without saying anything else.

Gu Yusheng had been convinced by Qin Zhi’ai to not play the recording for his grandfather to hear. Recently, however, he had been thinking about a way to show his grandfather Liang Doukou’s true colors. Within only a few days, a perfect opportunity presented itself for Gu Yusheng to take advantage of.


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