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Season 8

Episode 46

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (16)

Upon hearing Nanny Zhang’s question, Old Master Gu became silent. A long time passed and, just when she thought that he was done talking, he sighed and said, “Yes… I’ve always thought that I knew Xiaokou very well. If it were possible, I truly wish that she was really the Xiaokou who I thought she was…”

“But Xiaozhang, we can never judge a book by its cover. We may know a person’s exterior but not his heart. We may spend a lifetime trying but still failing to understand specific matters and individual people…” Old Master Gu interrupted himself with a deep sigh.

Although Nanny Zhang did not fully fathom the meaning behind Old Master Gu’s musings, she did vaguely sense that Miss Liang must have done something that greatly upset him, thus she smiled and tried to comfort him.

“Old Master, Miss Liang is still young. Perhaps some of her words might have hurt your feelings, but she does not have a bad heart. Back then, the car accident had been so serious, and Miss Liang was still willing to put herself in grave danger to save you…”

Now that Nanny Zhang had brought up the car accident, Old Master Gu went into a daze again. The conversation that he had overheard by chance when he had headed upstairs earlier on to look for the scan echoed in his ears.

When that woman was persuading Gu Yusheng, her words were obviously gentle but also so powerful. How was it possible that she could so genuinely get to the heart of the matter?

Perhaps he was old and, thus, easily moved, because as he now was recalling the conversation he had eavesdropped on behind the door, his eyes became moist. “Xiaozhang, do you think that I was a little overboard with that woman?”

“The things that you have done have always been out of your good intentions for Young Master. That woman and those photographs were truly outrageous, so it wasn’t entirely your fault.”

Nanny Zhang’s words brought some solace to Old Master Gu. After some time, as if he suddenly remembered something, he turned and glared at Nanny Zhang. “What do you mean by ‘that woman’? She has a proper name. Does it sound reasonable to address her as ‘that woman’? No. Call her Miss Qin!”

As he spoke, Old Master Gu stood up with the support of his cane and headed toward his bedroom, muttering, “Since when did the domestic help in the Gu family start to forget about proper etiquette?”

Old Master was clearly the one who started the usage of the term “that woman”…

Nanny Zhang felt offended by his lecturing, but she did not dare rebut him and started escorting him into his bedroom.

After Liang Doukou took her leave from Old Master Gu and got in her car, the smile on her face was immediately replaced by a cold expression. Pressing her foot hard on the accelerator, she furiously drove for a long distance before taking out her phone to call Zhou Jing.

The phone rang several times before Zhou Jing answered. Without a chance to say anything, Liang Doukou blew up.

“Zhou Jing, I went to great lengths to find out from Grandpa Gu which hospital they were visiting today for the checkup. Didn’t you tell me that our preparations were foolproof and that we would definitely bump into that wretch and cause her to miscarry? Why is it, then, that she seems completely fine, and I just saw her with Yusheng?

“You can’t imagine how overboard Yusheng treated her. He actually helped her remove her shoes, propped a pillow behind her back, and ensured that the temperature of her drinking water was appropriate. I thought he was going to ask for a thermometer! I was practically bursting with rage!

“All that aside, in the end, Grandpa Gu is even trying to get me to leave the Gu family!”

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  1. Las Las, u will be disgraced, thank God old Master Gu eavesdropped their conversation



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