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Season 8

Episode 44

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (14)

“You’re also aware that your grandfather dotes on Liang Doukou dearly and values her more than his own life. If he were to discover that the girl whom he truly loves as his own granddaughter had treated him like a pawn, how do you think he would feel?

“Your grandfather has 30 years of feelings invested in Liang Doukou. Yusheng, do you know what 30 years represents? In one’s lifetime, perhaps we live for two or three sets of 30 years. He has been in Liang Doukou’s life for more than half of her years alive, and she has been in his life for more than a third…”

The tension in Gu Yusheng’s brows, which had been pulled down together in anger, gradually eased outward, and his gaze at Qin Zhi’ai slowly softened from solemn to gentle.

“Telling your grandfather would be the same as turning his life upside-down. You wouldn’t be helping him see the truth but rather destroying him…

“If your grandfather was still young, I wouldn’t stop you. But now his days are inevitably fewer, and you are his only living relative. Is it necessary to deal him yet another blow? Or would it be better to help him fulfill his dream, even if it’s not real. As long as he can be happy…

“Yusheng, you know I’m not a saint and, frankly, I would enjoy seeing Liang Doukou humiliated after the treatment she’s subjected me to, but this would only harm your grandfather. As your kin, he is mine, too. And I will protect him to the same extent that I will protect you. I’m not afraid of anything else except for how your grandfather might not be able to take it if he learns the truth…

“At the beginning, your grandfather wouldn’t allow me to enter the Gu Mansion, but tonight he let me sit and join the meal at the dinner table. That’s proof right there that he’s already changing. The human heart is not made of stone, and I believe that someday he will accept me just—”

Before Qin Zhi’ai could finish her sentence, Gu Yusheng aggressively sealed her lips with his.

Every step we’ve taken, whether together or apart, she has always considered my interests first.

How could I not be touched by such devotion?

How could I let her down when she loves me so courageously?

In my lifetime and for eternity, Gu Yusheng will only love Qin Zhi’ai.

Gu Yusheng’s kisses deepened, and neither of them stopped until they were both out of breath. With one strong pull, he drew Qin Zhi’ai tighter into his arms. Nestling his chin on her head, he whispered gently, “Xiao’ai, when the day comes that my grandfather’s attitude toward you is less harsh, I will discuss with him plans for our wedding ceremony.”

Gu Yusheng lowered his head and kissed Qin Zhi’ai between her brows. “I will give you the wedding of the century. I want to take your hand in marriage with everyone as a witness.”

Gu Yusheng then pushed Qin Zhi’ai against the door, where they continued to passionately kiss one another.

As they both slammed against the door, the thud alarmed Old Master Gu, who was standing on its other side. He froze in place while furtively moving his eyes. After some time, he turned and headed downstairs quickly but quietly with the aid of his cane.

When Nanny Zhang saw Old Master Gu come downstairs, she immediately handed him some herbal tea that she had prepared for bedtime.

Old Master Gu sat down silently on the sofa and stared at the piping hot tea for a moment. As if he recalled something, he looked up and instructed Nanny Zhang to not let anyone know that he had been upstairs.


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