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Season 8

Episode 41

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (11)

As Gu Yusheng walked to the bedroom door and was about to open it, he thought he heard the TV remote control thrown hard on the floor downstairs. It sounded like a melody to Gu Yusheng, and his expression suddenly became very happy.

After barely opening the bedroom door, he remembered that his grandfather might secretly search Qin Zhi’ai’s purse, so he pulled his hand back from the doorknob and unzipped her purse, took out the baby’s scan, and put it in his chest pocket before walking into the bedroom.

Gu Yusheng definitely would not let his grandfather see the scan. If he wanted to see it, he was going to make him ask for Xiao’ai’s permission.

Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi’ai were having dinner at Old Master Gu’s mansion and, just like the last three times she’d eaten there, Old Master Gu did not look or talk to Qin Zhi’ai.

Gu Yusheng remained indifferent to his grandfather’s attitude. Whenever Qin Zhi’ai looked at a dish, he would immediately put some in her bowl. When she finished her soup, he immediately refilled the bowl for her. He couldn’t be any sweeter to Qin Zhi’ai throughout dinner.

As they were about to finish eating, Xiaowang called Gu Yusheng and, after answering, he took the phone from his ear to whisper to Qin Zhi’ai that he needed to step out for a moment. He then got up and left the dining room.

Left at the large dining table, Old Master Gu and Qin Zhi’ai sat in awkward silence, causing Qin Zhi’ai to become nervous to the point that her back became stiff. After quickly finishing the rice in her bowl, Gu Yusheng had still not returned, so she excused herself from the dinner table.

Old Master Gu walked to the living room after he finished his soup and, finding no one there, he called out to Nanny Zhang, “Where did Gu Yusheng and that woman go?”

When Gu Yusheng had stepped out, Nanny Zhang had not followed after him, so she had no idea where he was. She had, however, paid attention when Qin Zhi’ai left the dining room. She had seen her walk outside, so answered, “She went out.”

Old Master Gu looked up to check outside through the windows. He didn’t see Gu Yusheng or Qin Zhi’ai, and Gu Yusheng’s car was still parked outside, so he knew they hadn’t left yet. He then looked up at the ceiling.

This is a perfect opportunity to see that baby photo… Neither one of them is in the house right now.

He then looked at Nanny Zhang, saying, “You stay here. When they come back, come upstairs to let me know.” After Nanny Zhang agreed, Old Master Gu climbed the stairs with his cane.

Qin Zhi’ai at first thought Gu Yusheng went outside to talk on the phone. She walked around the front yard but failed to find him until, finally, she saw him smoking on the second-floor balcony off their bedroom while talking on the phone. She walked back to the house, went upstairs, and entered the bedroom.

As she pushed the bedroom door open, the atmosphere was immediately depressing. She frowned and slowly walked to the balcony. Hearing her approach the balcony, Gu Yusheng turned around with a gloomy, angry expression as his brow bones slightly jerked.

Without greeting Qin Zhi’ai, he instead angrily asked on the phone, “Are you sure you didn’t miss anything in your investigation?”

Without knowing what Xiaowang said on the other end of the call, she witnessed Gu Yusheng’s face suddenly turn gray and, in a frightening voice, he said, “Okay, I got it.”


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