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Season 8

Episode 40

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (10)

Subsequently, Gu Yusheng noticed Old Master Gu heave onto his cane for support and head to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

Because Old Master Gu enjoyed looking through photographs in general, he surely wanted to see the baby’s scan. Gu Yusheng was certain that If they were to leave Qin Zhi’ai’s purse alone in the living room, his grandfather would try to secretly look at the scan. He would not, however, be able to look at it in Liang Doukou’s presence.

Will he find an excuse to get Liang Doukou out of the house so he can look at the scan later? And that would be great, given her presence is such an eyesore for Qin Zhi’ai…

He rolled his eyes just before Old Master Gu came out of the bathroom and then looked at him and said, “Grandpa, Xiao’ai is tired right now. I’m going to accompany her upstairs to take a rest.” Qin Zhi’ai wasn’t actually tired but, with Old Master Gu ignoring her attempts to socialize in the presence of Liang Doukou, Gu Yusheng could see she was slightly upset. She welcomed his cue and followed him upstairs.

After entering the bedroom, Gu Yusheng stepped onto the balcony to smoke a cigarette. Within two puffs, he saw Liang Doukou and Old Master Gu exiting the house and saying goodbye in the courtyard before Liang Doukou drove away. As the car disappeared through the gates, Gu Yusheng leisurely blew out a perfect smoke ring and watched it until it dissipated. During that time, Old Master Gu had gone back into the house.

Once he was sure that Old Master Gu would have settled down, Gu Yusheng stubbed out his cigarette on the balcony and headed to the bedroom door, notifying Qin Zhi’ai on his way that he was going to get a glass of water downstairs. He quickly shut the door behind him.

As he walked downstairs, Gu Yusheng scanned the living room through the railings of the staircase. Just as he had expected, Old Master Gu was creeping toward Qin Zhi’ai’s purse, which she’d left on the sofa.

If Old Master Gu were to be caught red-handed, his humiliation would undoubtedly drive him into a rage. Thus, before he could touch the zipper of the purse, Gu Yusheng coughed loudly. He saw his grandfather spring a few steps away from the sofa as if he’d been shocked. Then, sitting quickly on the sofa, Old Master Gu stared straight ahead at the TV. Holding in his laughter, Gu Yusheng reached the bottom of the stairs and, as he walked past Old Master Gu, stated, “Xiao’ai wants a glass of water.”

Old Master Gu maintained a cold stare and said nothing. Gu Yusheng remained nonchalant and, after pouring a glass of water, he passed his grandfather and went back upstairs. Instead of entering the bedroom, though, he hid behind the wall at the landing and secretly observed Old Master Gu, who was scanning his surroundings for another possible interruption. Once he felt that everyone was preoccupied elsewhere, he got up again and quickly made his way to Qin Zhi’ai’s purse.

This time, Gu Yusheng took his time and only coughed after Old Master Gu had unzipped the purse. He observed with glee as Old Master Gu scrambled to close the purse. Gu Yusheng then slowly made his way down the stairs before saying to his visibly peeved grandfather, “I need a drink, too.”

After returning to the top of the stairs again, Gu Yusheng waited until Old Master Gu had unzipped the purse and was fishing out the photograph before he came downstairs yet again. Old Master Gu’s hands trembled, and the photograph fell back into Qin Zhi’ai’s purse. Carelessly zipping it closed, he returned to his original seat and posture.

Upon this third time that Gu Yusheng appeared in the living room, Old Master Gu said sarcastically, “Down for a drink again?”

“No, Xiao’ai needs her phone.” As he replied, he retrieved the purse slowly and headed upstairs under the watchful eyes of Old Master Gu, who appeared to have something to say.


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